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This Xinyi-Dao Meetup group focuses on the teaching and cultivation of dantian spirals in all movements. Beginners are taught a variety of standing postures to develop connectivity. Then, a simple version of squatting monkey is used to demonstrate and practice storing and releasing in a straight vertical line. Stepping methods are introduced to show how dantian rotation can be used to power forward movement.
Through the various forms and techniques of Dai style Xinyiquan and Che style Xingyiquan, we explore dantian powered movement and technique. We also work on Cheng style Bagua circle walking and palm changes to provide further emphasis on twisting and spiraling. The evasive techniques emphasized in that art are also explored. Our two person practices follow the same progression from simple to complex, starting with fixed two person drills and forms, and gradually working into applications against progressive resistance.
Our basic philosophy is to progress from simple to complex, working on both the internal connections and external forms alternately. Students are expected to do solo training outside of class, so that group sessions can focus on teaching of new material, correction of old material, and two person practices. Our goal is to teach achievable skills that will help the practitioner in both martial and health contexts. \

More information on the Xinyi-Dao system can be found at xinyidaousa.com \


Upcoming events (4+)

Qigong and Movement Practice

Location visible to members

Using movements from Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang, we explore different ways of moving with power. Beginning with simple standing practices, we harness breathing methods and simple movements to bring new levels of connection and awareness to your body. Gradually, we progress to more complex movements and forms while maintaining connection and power to your physical core.

Cost: $10 per class, but first lesson is free.

Xinyi-Dao Martial Application and Partner Drill Practice

Meyer Park

Utilizing the movements and tactics of Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua, we explore different ways of dealing with external forces and physical violence. Starting with fixed partner drills to emphasize a particular skill, we progress to more live drills and light sparring to encourage a free flow of techniques and counters. Students are expected to have headgear with face cage, mouthpiece, open fingered gloves, and groin protection after the first lesson.

Berkeley Xingyi and Chen Taiji Neigong and Applications

Barker Hall

This class is focused on basics, line drills and applications with some short forms training. Instead of the usual forms based training, this class will work on detailed and functional neigong (internal strength) exercises that develop the ability to use the dantian to power movement and train how they are used in partner drills and then in combative applications. This class is based on Master Li Tai-Liang's Xinyi Dao system, which blends the secretive dantian training methods of Xingyi's predecessor, Dai Xinyi, with the more agile, technique driven techniques of Xingyi and Bagua with a modern Sanda (Chinese MMA) training mindset.

Bringing modern engineering values, Buddhist meditation and experience as a Chen Taiji instructor to Xinyi Dao, this class will focus is on using mindfulness of the body to cultivate reproducible, testable skills that also serve to strengthen the body, settle the mind and improve long term quality of life.

Classes rotate around 3 different topics:

  1. Xinyi/Xingyi power generation and drills. This class focuses on developing powerful body skills from Dai Xinyi and Che Xingyi, used for devastating striking and kicking combined with agile footwork. Drills are mostly cooperative to develop insight into proper body usage.
  2. Chen Taiji/Bagua power generation and drills. This class focuses on drills that develop Chen Taiji and basic Bagua body methods that emphasize using soft power in standup grappling situations to throw and sweep opponents. Drills are mostly cooperative to develop insight into proper body usage.
  3. Applications - this class takes the body methods trained in #1 and #2 above, and works on applications with partners that provide increasing levels of non-cooperation. This class is where we incrementally "pressure test" techniques to understand how to protect oneself, and subdue a non-cooperative adversary.

Classes rotate through the 3 topics, with each topics getting one entire practice session. This allows time to focus on investigation and insight, while also addressing the need for breadth.

The schedule is Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Xinyidao Fundamentals and Partner training

3401 CSM Dr

** This is an Outdoor Meetup. Check weather conditions on the day of the meetup.

Join a group of men and woman of mixed ages and martial arts interests as we explore the training system of Xinyidao as developed by Master Li Tailiang. We will be practising old form bagua zhang as well as pi, beng, zuan, pao and heng hand forms derived from the Che and Dai family style of xingyiquan.

The training will be comprised of line drills, single-step sparring, and two-person forms. Depending on interest we will also cover different training techniques to highlight proper body mechanics.

Past events (1,530)

Berkeley Xingyi and Chen Taiji Neigong and Applications

Barker Hall