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This Xinyi-Dao Meetup group focuses on the teaching and cultivation of dantian spirals in all movements. Beginners are taught a variety of standing postures to develop connectivity. Then, a simple version of squatting monkey is used to demonstrate and practice storing and releasing in a straight vertical line. Stepping methods are introduced to show how dantian rotation can be used to power forward movement.
Through the various forms and techniques of Dai style Xinyiquan and Che style Xingyiquan, we explore dantian powered movement and technique. We also work on Cheng style Bagua circle walking and palm changes to provide further emphasis on twisting and spiraling. The evasive techniques emphasized in that art are also explored. Our two person practices follow the same progression from simple to complex, starting with fixed two person drills and forms, and gradually working into applications against progressive resistance.
Our basic philosophy is to progress from simple to complex, working on both the internal connections and external forms alternately. Students are expected to do solo training outside of class, so that group sessions can focus on teaching of new material, correction of old material, and two person practices. Our goal is to teach achievable skills that will help the practitioner in both martial and health contexts. \

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