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XiThink by Academy Xi (http://academyxi.com/) is a regular Meetup for Design Thinkers, Doers, Creators and Change-Makers.

We're bringing together leaders in Digital, Experience Design, Emerging Tech & Innovation to elevate the conversation as well as network, discuss, grow and show.

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The Next Frontier of UX: Designing for Blockchain

Within a short span of 30 years, the internet has completely revolutionised the way we live, work, and interact. A new wave of technology, known as Web3 includes the Blockchain and decentralised apps. Beyond the world of cryptocurrency, Web3 technologies are expected to displace existing technology such as Facebook and mobile applications as the new medium of exchange. This new industry disruption will provide a wealth of opportunity for those in the design industry, such UX Designers, to stay ahead of their careers, and shape the future of applications. But how? At our presentation, Designing for Blockchain, we’ll explore: How the Blockchain will revolutionise industries How User Experience Design will underpin the rate of adoption and the success of industry changes What UX Designers can bring to the Blockchain and how to get started in this space Presented by Michael Walker, Design Principal at ConsenSys

The Power of Location Data: How to Retrieve and Use it

More than a pin drop icon on a page, location data is often used by businesses to enhance their website or app functionality. Location data can also be helpful in hackathon projects and location technology used by governments and social enterprises. How do you set up maps onto your website, and how can you get the maximum benefits from location data? At our workshop, The Power of Location Data: How to Retrieve and Use it, we’ll explore: How to add maps onto a website using HERE maps API for Javascript How to develop a web application enabling delivery services Routing, geofencing, and other useful location skills What’ll you need: A laptop There is no coding experience required! Anyone can come along and work with digital maps.

Leading Through Chaos

Academy Xi

In today’s ever-changing society, managing your business and personal goals may be challenging amongst clouds of chaos and disruption. How do you separate yourself from the noise, and lead yourself, team, and business to prosperity and success? At our lunchtime session, Chaordic Global Consulting will take you through how to: Discover what type of leader you are in times of chaos and where you can grow Maximise your leadership strengths for today’s fast-changing world Formulate a game plan to overcome blind spots Develop key principles for better stakeholder influence Draw valuable results from your team

Harness the Power of Empathy for Your Innovation Project

For millennia, humans have used imagery and stories to pass down information from generation to generation. Storytelling today has become core to our human nature and has become a key component within Human-Centred Design. To understand a story from another person’s point of view requires us to have empathy. Empathy provides a framework to synthesise research and discovery findings more effectively and efficiently. Put simply, in order to help people, we must understand first what the problem is. And this is where empathy comes into play. At our presentation, Harness the Power of Empathy for Your Innovation Project, we’ll explore: How empathy os created via storytelling using neuro-mirroring How empathy is used within the Double-Diamond process for design-led innovation How the storytelling framework can complement and support the discovery and research phase

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