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YEJO - Culture Discovery & Life in Tibetan Village 四川丹巴深度藏文化
YEJO Circle-Refreshing, Inspiring & Empowering Life 云玖精社 - 清新 启迪 有力 之 生命 亲若日红 心诚貌恭 - 四川丹巴深度藏文化 Real Earthian Family - Culture Discovery & Life in a Tibetan Village Per Person: 3990 RMB Date: Sep 30th - Oct 7, 8 days Endurance: 1/5 Technicity: 1/5 Deep into the mountain, back to the simplicity of formality and letting the abundance enters again to our life. Traversing between the villages dotted in the plateau, Like a travel into the deep universe or into our hearts, the gems are there always, a breath away… About the Retreat plunge into the Tibetan culture, live in the village and get to know people around us. Learn how to paint and receive the sharing from the monk in the local temple… A retreat to culture the Tibetan village's life and culture among the majestic nature of Sichuan. We give up past social labels and everything that is attached to it and just embrace a week of tranquility in a remote village. The warm heartedness of the villagers invites us to melt quickly into the big village family. Enjoy the close bondage that still sincerely exists in these small villages. Make it a part of us forever and ever. For Real Earthians, Oneness with every encounter on earth… Itinerary Day 1 “CHENGDU CHENGDU” --:-- Arrival in Chengdu, check-in and free time Day 2 “The ENTRY and DANBA” 06:30 Get up 07:30 Breakfast 08:00 Departure from Chengdu to Danba 18:00 Arrival in DANBA, free time adjust to highland 19:00 Dinner and free time Day 3 “Valley of Shangrila... ” 07:00 Get up, exercise and breathing 08:30 Breakfast and departure for a discovery tour of the village 12:30 “Kitchen invader” Lunch cooking workshop 14:00 Free time in sunshine 19:30 Dinner 21:30 Exercise, stretching and rest Day 4 “Temple of Valley” 07:00 Get up, exercise and breathing 08:30 Breakfast 09:00 -Visit the temple of Moerdo -Get close to one of the most sacred mountains -Meet the master. 12:30 Temple lunch and continue the master sharing time 17:00 Back to village 19:00 Serenity in the village 21:30 Good sleep Day 5 “Qinke and its wine… ” 05:30 Get up, exercise and breathing in the temple 07:00 Breakfast 08:00 Continue our exploration in the village 08:30 Enjoy the Tranquil Morning in the village ALONE 12:30 Local Lunch 13:30 Departure for a discovery tour of the Tibetan Qinke Wine and visit another village 16:30 Back to first village 18:30 Local Dinner 20:00 Meditation and Rest Day 6 “The painters of the Tibetan House...” 07:00 Get up, exercise and breathing 08:30 Breakfast and enjoying a serene morning exploring the village ALONE 10:30 Painter introduction and induction to the Tibetan house 12:00 Local Lunch Together 13:00 Learning the Painting and paint for ourselves 17:30 Finish of the artistic day and free time in the village 18:30 Dinner and free time 20:30 Exercise, stretching and rest Day 7 “Mystic castles of Danba Valley” 07:00 Get up, exercise and breathing 08:30 Breakfast 09:00 Village explore tour of the mystic castles 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Free and solitude time 18:00 Cooking Workshop Tibetan Baozi 21:00 Exercise, stretching and rest Day 8 “Farewell and Zashideiley!” 04:30 Get Up 06:00 Departure to Chengdu 14:00 Arrival Chengdu, Farewell, Free Choices... Warmly reminder The altitude is around 2000 meters so most of people don't need to prepare drugs for preventing AMS. We will stay in local guesthouse that we choose according to their good service commitment. Arrangements are usually 2-4 people a room, hot shower bathroom provide. ------- The activity is confirmed to happen and for booking please contact us: YEJO feng Chinese/English Speaking mobile:[masked] wechat:[masked] [masked]

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What we're about

YEJO Shanghai Community

Our mission is to gather people from different backgrounds so we can enrich each other's lives. As we all look for our own path in life, it is people around us who help us to define that. Therefore, YEJO wants to provide the opportunity either to open our LIFE up to the new paths or to help us clear those we are already walking on in order to achieve the RIEL (Refreshing - Inspiring - Empowering - Life).

How to find RIEL ?

We don't need to achieve the impossible to be special. The beauty of life and happiness can be found in the smallest thing. All we need is to Find our Passion - take your time to discover essentials for your personal growth. The YEJO community provides many opportunities, which can help us achieve the RIEL we are searching for.

Those opportunities involve:

- Nature

Becoming one with nature brings us back to the essence of who we are. Through our hikes or kayaking activities we try to absorb natural beauty as much as possible. Our activities include:

- Kayaking
- Hiking
- Climbing
- Sailing
- Paragliding
- Aqua trekking

- Culture

The real cultural heritage of each civilization exists in its people and in everything they leave behind. We try to bring the countryside’s values in the city life by exploring local villages, giving workshops on traditional trades, showing inspiring movies/documentaries and many more. Our workshops include:

- Stamp carving
- Calligraphy
- Chinese Painting
- Movie Nights

- Spirituality

We focus on finding peace and serenity within ourselves through meditation, Taiji, yoga and inspirational sessions with life coaches so we can find Balance in our Life. Our workshops involve:

- Meditation
- Temple retreat
- Yoga
- Chanting
- Life coaching

Feel invited to join our YEJO Shanghai community and to share your ideas how to achieve the RIEL!

We look forward to hearing from you. Let's meet at our next event and experience RIEL with YEJO!




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