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YEJO Shanghai Community

Our mission is to gather people from different backgrounds so we can enrich each other's lives. As we all look for our own path in life, it is people around us who help us to define that. Therefore, YEJO wants to provide the opportunity either to open our LIFE up to the new paths or to help us clear those we are already walking on in order to achieve the RIEL (Refreshing - Inspiring - Empowering - Life).

How to find RIEL ?

We don't need to achieve the impossible to be special. The beauty of life and happiness can be found in the smallest thing. All we need is to Find our Passion - take your time to discover essentials for your personal growth. The YEJO community provides many opportunities, which can help us achieve the RIEL we are searching for.

Those opportunities involve:

- Nature

Becoming one with nature brings us back to the essence of who we are. Through our hikes or kayaking activities we try to absorb natural beauty as much as possible. Our activities include:

- Kayaking
- Hiking
- Climbing
- Sailing
- Paragliding
- Aqua trekking

- Culture

The real cultural heritage of each civilization exists in its people and in everything they leave behind. We try to bring the countryside’s values in the city life by exploring local villages, giving workshops on traditional trades, showing inspiring movies/documentaries and many more. Our workshops include:

- Stamp carving
- Calligraphy
- Chinese Painting
- Movie Nights

- Spirituality

We focus on finding peace and serenity within ourselves through meditation, Taiji, yoga and inspirational sessions with life coaches so we can find Balance in our Life. Our workshops involve:

- Meditation
- Temple retreat
- Yoga
- Chanting
- Life coaching

Feel invited to join our YEJO Shanghai community and to share your ideas how to achieve the RIEL!

We look forward to hearing from you. Let's meet at our next event and experience RIEL with YEJO!


website: http://www.yejocircle.com


e-mail: feng.yejotravel@outlook.com

Upcoming events (5+)

YEJO - Inner Mongolia Grassland Horseback Traverse 内蒙古草原马背穿越

YEJO Circle-Refreshing, Inspiring & Empowering Life 云玖精社 - 清新 启迪 有力 之 生命 Timeless Infinite - Inner Mongolia Grassland Horseback Traverse 大度无量 直堑天骄 - 内蒙古草原山林马背穿越 Per Person: 7800 RMB 费用 800 RMB deposit 预定需800元定金 Endurance: 2/5 强度 Technicity: 3/5 难度 Available dates: July 18th-23rd, July 25th - 30th Aug 1st-Aug 6th, Aug 8th - Aug 13th, Aug 15th - Aug 20th, Aug 22nd-27th , Aug 29th - Sept 3rd Sept 5th - Sept 10th, Sept 12th - Sept 17th, Sept 19th - 24th A lot of riding details please check here: ------ https://www.yejocircle.com/inner-mongolia-grassland-horseback-traverse.html ------ Tips before booking to help you make decision: 1, Itinerary riding routs and view will be a bit different depend on season 2, Gathering location will be Hulunbeier, Hailar. Flight to Hulunbeier Hailar Air port (HLD) 3, All riding level is welcome, beginers or zero riding experience, participant also can join if with a open mind and good health 4, The activity will have support cars to take your luggage and for safety support 5,Kids above 10 years old with riding experience could ride with a coach ----- Itinerary Not necessary horseback experience required, but need an open mind, good mentality for learning if you are totally beginners. While during all the riding, we have a supporting van following for all camping equipment. Day 1 Enter Hulunbeier (Day 1 itinerary is just reminding for arrival, no riding) "--:--" All day arrival to Hulunbeier Hailar airport (HLD) After you landed, free explore the city, hotel book by yourself The next day, we will pick up you from your hotel (the whole city is small, no worries, we will surely find your place) Day 2 Start Nomadic Life, Horseback 15 km 09:00 Pick up from your place 11:30 Driving 180KM to a small town, around 2.5 hours. Check in 12:00 Local lunch Afternoon coaches will choose proper horses for everyone depends on your height, weight, age and riding experience. Briefing for riding skills, safety and life style in the inner Mongolia Riding & adjustment riding for 1-2 hours, get familier with your horse. Day 3 Ewenke Grassland Crossing, Horseback 25-30 km Today will be around 30 km horse trekking. Around later afternoon we will arrive at the home of our dear friend : Muren, a Mongolian family's place Set up tents together and enjoy the serenity, all stars at night in the sky! Day 4 Continue Riding, Horseback 20 km Amazing grassland riding continues, getting more familar with your horse and really become friends! While we crossing it, we may meet some families. We will arrive the base at noon time, afternoon will be riding sections around the base to small hills. Camping in nature and rest, enjoy the twinkle stars Day 5 Grassland, Horseback 25 km Today together to cross the swamp, all flowers in the valley and grass mountain. We may see different wild animals passing by. From May to September, the nature changes fast, covered with different colour of grass, flowers, all vivid life. Day 6 25 km riding , Farewell and Home again... From the winter grassland into the summer area, a nice area for grazing. More nomads living here and also their animals always around them. With beautiful sunset, all sheep back home... After noon time, we ending our riding with a feast of local food! Then drive around 2 hours to Hailar city, usually we will arrive city/airport before 16:00, depends on your flight. ------- Price 7800 RMB/Per -------- YEJO Jeff Chinese/English Speaking mobile:[masked] wechat: yejojeff or with mobile number [masked] YEJO WeChat Account: YEJOCIRCLE-SHANGHAI www.yejocircle.com

Shanghai WindSurfing Initiation

Needs a location

Swing Out Infinity - Shanghai Windsurfing Initiation The cure for anything is salt water... ​sweat, tears, or the sea. ​- Isak Dinesen - Wind surfing in the seaside of Shanghai, around 1.5 hours drive. Let us be surrounded by nature and let the wind take us to destinations of life. Learn more about the art of windsurfing and share great moments with friends. Itinerary 11:00 Gathering in Shanghai ( please prepare your own lunch, you can take on the bus or can ask leader prepare Sandwich + Fruits with 30 RMB/P so we can give more time on the wave ) 12:30 Arrive at the base Preparation and Equipment on and some introduction of Wind Surfing 13:00 Equipment on and some introduction of Wind Surfing 13:30 Follow the wind, Learn the skills and enjoy the Wind Surf 17:00 Finish and rest, enjoy the nature chill out, Or try out some Kayaking and SUP 17:30 Back Shanghai ​19:00 Arrival Shanghai Transportation: A private mini-bus will be arranged from/back to Shanghai downtown. Gathering: Time: 10:30 Place: (unless notified differently) Zhongshan Park Subway Station, Line 3-4, Exit 3 Beside the 7-Eleven shop Equipment: (Need to be prepared by each participant) - Quick dry sports gear ​(please prepare yourself one more set to change in case you get wet) - In the cold weather please prepare your wetsuit or your can rent for 50 RMB/P - Sport Shoes - Rain coat - Drinking bottle (no soft plastic, as often refill is with boiled water and it melts) - Your own simple lunch to eat on the bus or arrive at the base - Open mind and a smile :) Booking Procedures: Click here to book Activity Confirmation: Upon reaching the minimum amount of participants, you'll receive an email with the last details about the trip. Usually 2 days before departure. If we couldn't reach the minimum amount of participants we will postpone or cancel the activity. Price: 599 RMB Payment is done by transfer, mobile apps. Final confirmation upon receiving of payment. ​please read later payment session for details. https://www.yejocircle.com/shanghai-windsurfing-initiation.html

YEJO - Sunset Riders - Wild Horseback Day 上海森林野骑

YEJO Circle-Refreshing, Inspiring & Empowering Life 云玖精社 - 清新 启迪 有力 之 生命 Sunset Riders - Wild Horseback Day 野地骑乘 马背欢愉 - 上海森林野骑 Per Person: 599 RMB 费用 Booking at page end 请至页面底部报名 About the Retreat The Fantastic feeling of riding in the wild is the combination of the close harmony with nature and the one under you: the horse… One ballad in nature will surely bring a lot of fun and passion! 关于此行 用一种不同的方式感受自然,更无需远离上海都市而遭受舟车劳顿?试一下在自然中骑马吧,在上海的郊区自然环境中,于自然接近,和一同前往的爱马者共同分享热情….教练,野骑,所有的一切将带来一个美妙的一天! Itinerary 13:00 Private transfer from Shanghai to the ranch 14:15 Arrive at the Park and the ranch 14:30 Intro to Riding skills 14:45 Wild Ride – about 10 Km 16:00 Rest and enjoy the forest nature 17:00 Private transfer back to Shanghai 18:15 Arrive in Shanghai city 日程安排 13:00 专车从上海集体出发 14:15 到达公园和马场 14:30 基础技巧了解,马匹对应 14:45 野骑10公里 16:00 放松,大自然中休息 17:00 返程 18:15 回到上海 Safety Points For Riding Don't loose the reins - it is your handle to stop Don't go too close to each other, don't try to pass the front horse (There is a hierarchy between the horses, it will put them under stress) In the woods watch out the branches and stay in the middle of the road Don't go fast with the horse on the road because he can slide and fall off Don't walk behind a horse (he can kick you) Keep calm (the horse feels your mood) Don't shout (you will scare the horse and they can go faster) Don't hold too tight or to loose - ensure clear commands and communication with a horse 骑马注意事项 缰绳在手不松脱,缰绳不松不紧 骑行时马匹保持间距 骑行在林道中央,不要靠近旁边的树丛 如遇到穿过小段水泥路面只允许走马 不要站在或走在马屁股后面(由于马看不到后方,出于防卫可能被踢) 保持沉着,放松 不要大声喊叫(以防惊马) Equipment (Needs to be prepared by each participant) - Sport shoes or boots - Rain coat (in case it rains) - Thick long pants - Gloves (optional) - Drinking water - Weather protection, according to the season The ranch will prepare : Helmets, knee pads 装备及携带 (需要每一位参加者自己准备) - 运动鞋或马靴(如穿运动鞋请配长筒袜子) - 雨衣(以防下雨) - 长裤(牛仔裤为佳) - 手套(建议自备) - 饮用水 - 开放的精神和思想,利于人生每一步:) Included:包含 - Transportation From & Back to Shanghai 交通费 - National Forest Park entry ticket 森林公园门票 - 1 Wild rides about 10 Km, with a coach 马场教练及野骑10公里 - Insurance 个人保险 Not Included 不包含 - Other peosonal expense 其他个人消费 -------- YEJO Jeff Chinese/English Speaking wechat:[masked] [masked]

YEJO-Oct 1-3 Kayak lake explore & Island hopping 千岛湖皮划艇跳岛及荒岛露营

YEJO Circle-Refreshing, Inspiring & Empowering Life 云玖精社 - 清新 启迪 有力 之 生命 Melted Sky - Kayak lake explore & Island hopping 波光倘佯 自在时光 - 千岛湖皮划艇跳岛 Per Person: 1690 RMB 费用 Enduannce: 3/5 强度 Technicity: 2/5 难度 Booking at page end 请至页面底部报名 About the retreat Thousands of islands all over the lake, just like clouds in the sky. As the sky falls into the water, everything melts together and we are sliding into the melted world with a kayak...opening the world of magic… No matter if you are engaged in regular kayaking activity or if it is your first time to travel in this special way: this activity is designed for everyone. To master the kayaking skill it is also about adapting ourselves quickly to new environment and totally surrendering ourselves into this situation, letting the joy rise… Day 1 14:00 Departure from Shanghai 19:30 Arrival at the guesthouse and we will have dinner together Day 2 09:00 Breakfast 10:00 Leaving for the lake shore 10:30 Kayaking introduction 11:00 Initiation practice in the lake and going on 12:00 Lunch break at the lakeside 13:30 Get into the water again, and start the island discoveries 15:00 Enjoying a break on one island 15:45 Discovery continues 17:00 Arrival at the camping island (camping island choose depends on season & water level) 17:30 Set up tents and prepare for dinner 18:30 Dinner together 19:30 Enjoy the bonfire and enjoy the night on the island 20:30 Good-night sleep Day 3 06:30 Early rise to live the quietness of the island life 07:30 Collect tents and breakfast 08:30 Return to the sunshine and kayak peacefully on the lake 10:00 Take time to have a break on another unnamed island… 10:40 Continue our journey of water-world 12:00 Local lunch 13:00 Catch our breath 13:30 Departure to Shanghai 19:00 Arrival in Shanghai Equipment (need to be prepare by every participant) - Water sports shoes (protection and water ventilation) - Warm layers (depends on season), wind breaker, and rain cover - Drinking bottle (no plastic bottles, because refill is often with boiled water) - Small bag to carry your things during the kayaking (better to be water proof) - Some snacks to energize, during sports - Personal Toiletries - Head lamp - Personal eating bowl - Swimming suits if you want to swim - Sun protection, sun glasses, and hat we will provide tent (two people one tent), sleeping bag(if you have your own, suggest to bring it), sleeping mattress for all Meals The second lunch will be picnic lunch, dinner will be cooking in wild. The third day breafast will be also cooking in wild, lunch will be in restaurant. 第二天的午餐将是路餐,晚上将在营地制作。 第三天的早餐也在营地制作,午餐将在上岸后去农家或者饭店。 Accommodation During the first night we stay in a local guesthouse or hotel, that we choose according to its good service commitment. Arrangements are usually twin bedrooms and occasionally in a shared dormitory. Friendly and family atmosphere. Clean and simple. The second night we camp on one of the islands. We provide two-people tents (to be shared with another participant), cooking equipment. 第一晚我们安排当地的农家乐或者酒店,第二晚荒岛露营。 Included - Bus transfer to go and back 往返上海的交通 - Public gears and tent, sleeping bag, mattress for camping 提供双人帐篷,睡袋,防潮垫及公共物品 - Coach and guide 教练及向导保障 - 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner 行程中的2个早餐,2个午餐,1个晚餐 - one-night stay in a guesthouse or hotel, 1 night camping 一晚当地住宿,一晚露营 - Insurance 户外保险 Not included - Alcohol drinks like beer, we do AA 酒水(啤酒饮料等大家AA) - Activities and expenses not mentioned in the itinerary 其他行程外的个人消费 ---------- Booking or inquiry 报名或提问 YEJO Jeff Chinese/English Speaking 讲中英文 wechat: yejojeff or[masked] 微信号 [masked]

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Shanghai WindSurfing Initiation

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