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YEJO Shanghai Community

Our mission is to gather people from different backgrounds so we can enrich each other's lives. As we all look for our own path in life, it is people around us who help us to define that. Therefore, YEJO wants to provide the opportunity either to open our LIFE up to the new paths or to help us clear those we are already walking on in order to achieve the RIEL (Refreshing - Inspiring - Empowering - Life).

How to find RIEL ?

We don't need to achieve the impossible to be special. The beauty of life and happiness can be found in the smallest thing. All we need is to Find our Passion - take your time to discover essentials for your personal growth. The YEJO community provides many opportunities, which can help us achieve the RIEL we are searching for.

Those opportunities involve:

- Nature

Becoming one with nature brings us back to the essence of who we are. Through our hikes or kayaking activities we try to absorb natural beauty as much as possible. Our activities include:

- Kayaking
- Hiking
- Climbing
- Sailing
- Paragliding
- Aqua trekking

- Culture

The real cultural heritage of each civilization exists in its people and in everything they leave behind. We try to bring the countryside’s values in the city life by exploring local villages, giving workshops on traditional trades, showing inspiring movies/documentaries and many more. Our workshops include:

- Stamp carving
- Calligraphy
- Chinese Painting
- Movie Nights

- Spirituality

We focus on finding peace and serenity within ourselves through meditation, Taiji, yoga and inspirational sessions with life coaches so we can find Balance in our Life. Our workshops involve:

- Meditation
- Temple retreat
- Yoga
- Chanting
- Life coaching

Feel invited to join our YEJO Shanghai community and to share your ideas how to achieve the RIEL!

We look forward to hearing from you. Let's meet at our next event and experience RIEL with YEJO!


website: http://www.yejocircle.com


e-mail: feng.yejotravel@outlook.com

Upcoming events (1)

YEJO-June 6 Suzhou Xishan Hiking Day 苏州西山徒步

Needs a location

YEJO Circle-Refreshing, Inspiring & Empowering Life
云玖精社 - 清新 启迪 有力 之 生命

Tenseless Vitality

  • Suzhou Xishan Hiking Day
    动静相长 劲松如一
  • 苏州西山徒步

Per Person: 349 RMB 费用
Dates: June 6 日期
Endurance: 2/5 强度
Technicity: 2/5 难度

About the retreat
Hiking in Xishan area near lakeshore, 100meter more high. Traditional old town explore to discover and slow down our life.
Enjoy the moments with family member, with friends...if it's during summer time, there will be also options to be swimming into the Taihu lake, be like a local.



08:30 Departure from Shanghai
10:30 Arrival at the mountain foot, small walk
11:30 Local lunch
12:30 Traverse hike to the hills
17:00 Finish hike, relax in nature area
17:30 Drive back to Shanghai
19:30 Arrive in Shanghai


09:00 专车从上海出发
11:30 到达西山,山林漫游
12:00 午餐
13:00 西山徒步
16:30 结束徒步,稍作调整
17:00 返程
19:30 回到上海

A private mini-bus will be arranged from/back to Shanghai downtown.

Time: Refer to our Organization Email
Place: (unless notified differently)
Zhongshan Park Subway Station, Line 3-4, Exit 3
Beside the 7-Eleven shop
集合地点:中山公园地铁站,3-4号线,3号出口(7-11 便利店旁)

The meals include countryside local dishes, fresh vegetable and meat cooked in the traditional way. Simple and Healthy.
Should you have especial requirements, please let us know beforehand.

(Need to be prepared by each participant)

  • Hiking shoes (necessary, paths are very slippery when wet)
  • Hiking Jacket & Pants
  • Backpack to carry your things during the hike (~20L)
  • Rain coat
  • Weather protection, according to the season
  • Drinking bottle (no plastic bottles, because refill is often with boiled water)
  • Open mind:)


  • 适合运动徒步快干衣
  • 山地运动鞋(在徒步中保护脚趾和脚踝,又可以快速排水)
  • 轻便的徒步小背包约20升(在徒步时装水和随身物品)
  • 雨衣(以防下雨)
  • 个人水壶及饮用水
  • 季节性的防护用品
  • 开放的精神和思想,利于人生每一步:)

Activity Confirmation
Upon reaching the minimum amount of participants, you'll receive an email with the last details about the trip. Usually 2 days before the departure.
If we are unable to reach the minimum amount of participants, we will postpone or cancel the activity.

达到最少参加人数后,您会收到一封电子邮件,其中包含有关旅行的最新详细信息。 通常在出发前2天。如果我们无法达到最小参加人数,我们将推迟或取消活动。

Minimum 10 persons, Maximum 37 persons
Private Groups & Team Outings: Choose a date and we can arrange this trip only for you (price is depend on group size).


  • Transportation From & Back to Shanghai
  • Insurance
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • Guiding and organization
  • 往返集合点的接送包车
  • 活动领队,当地向导及所有所需公共用品
  • 行程内的餐饮
  • 户外保险

Not Included

  • Alcoholic Drinks everyone AA
  • Other personal expense
  • 酒水(啤酒饮料等大家AA)
  • 其他个人消费

Booking or inquiry 报名或提问
Directly contact us 请直接联系我们
Chinese/English Speaking 讲中英文
wechat: yejojeff or[masked] 微信号
Email:[masked] 邮箱
Website: www.yejocircle.com 网址

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