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What we’re about

## Welcome to Yannick's Coaching Lab!

I’m Yannick, I love coaching, and I created this Lab to give coaches the opportunity to witness highly experienced coaches live at work.

### If you've ever seen a coach in action, you know what a massively valuable learning experience it is.

And that is why I created The Coaching Lab, where you get to be a fly on the wall during a 45-minute live coaching session, talk to the coach & client about their experience, and practise your own skills as part of an intimate and friendly community.

Over the years, The Coaching Lab has become a valuable asset in the lives of many coaches. Both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike tell us how much they love the opportunity to take a look inside the minds of other coaches. It’s enlightening and revealing to hear coaches reflect on the ‘what, why & how’ of their coaching approach, and to see a range of different styles in action.

If you’ve ever felt that life can be lonely as a coach, or you want to learn new techniques, or try out a new modality or way of being before using them with paying clients, then The Coaching Lab was made for you.

I hope to see you at one of our next events!

PS: It all started here on MeetUp in 2020, but the Lab has a dedicated home now and a growing membership base. You can learn more about the Lab, and become a member, at

PPS: Most attendees are either members of the Lab or buy tickets via Eventbrite, so if it feels quiet here on MeetUp, that's why. Rest assured there'll be a crowd and plenty of great atmosphere.

PPPS: Non-coaches, curious about what's going on under the hood or keen to experience a coaching session, are more than welcome!

PPPPS: If you would like to get some free coaching in the Lab, and you wouldn't mind an (invisible) audience, you can apply to be a client for one of our invited coaches here.

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