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What we’re about

Hello fellow authentic selves, This meetup is so that we can come together to enjoy different modalities to help us all find our Authentic self. This includes, but is not limited to:

*Higher Brain Living® introductory lectures and demos: I work with people who feel stuck, overwhelmed and at times in despair. I help them create a life of stability, hope and purpose. for helping you find your authentic self, and creating a new normal full of joy, confidence, creativity, and fearlessness to accomplish exactly what you want! 

*Movie nights: We will get together and watch mind opening movies/documentaries, followed by an open discussion and socializing. 

*Meditation: I am trained in Vipassana, but I also like to try other techniques. Meditation cross training if you will. I am the only Source Code certified facilitator in California- 

SCM book is here:

               **Website is here:

*Reiki Share: An open night to come give and receive reiki. Working together we all become stronger. Must have at least level 1 training. 

*Philosophy happy hour / round table discussions: Discuss philosophic ideas over a drink or coffee. Perhaps mingled with patio enthusiasts.