What we're about

Welcome to Your Hungry Dragon’s Meetup Group. In this Meetup I will be sharing many of the lessons, secrets and fun facts about preparing Chinese Cuisine I’ve learned over the years both in the US and Asia on how to make authentic healthy Chinese dishes. I have enjoyed many different kinds of Chinese food, yet have continued to find ways of making the dishes healthier, by not using MSG, or limiting the amount of oil, without giving up flavor or quality. I hope you too are able to take the lessons I share with you and create your own delicious healthy Chinese meals.

As a member you will be part of a fun educational community of Chinese food enthusiast. In this Meetup, I will be offering live classes, different online courses. And you will have access to different promotions for Your Hungry Dragon courses or membership.

My goal of this Meetup is to help take the mystery out of what sauces you need to buy, what tools you need to use in order to prepare your meals and many other fun facts on preparing authentic dishes. I will also hold workshops where I walk you through the basic concepts that set’s a true chef aside from just a home cook. Most importantly, I will show you how to prepare authentic Chinese meals in 30 minutes or less.

So that I can get a better understanding of what kinds of things people would like to see or do, what other events would you like to see me organize? Are their any dishes or types of Chinese food that you would like to learn more about?

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