Introduction to the Diamond Sutra: Four-week class


The Diamond Sutra is one of the seminal scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism and is held in especially high regard by the Zen sect. In a relatively few pages it encapsulates all the Mahayana teachings. This four-week course will explore, through lectures and discussion, the fundamental themes of the sutra from a Zen perspective: the origin of the sutra, the nature of self, emptiness and transiency, karmic merit, dharma transmission, and the role and nature of the bodhisattva (enlightening being).

This course will be held each Wednesday evening from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. for four weeks beginning Feb. 5 and ending Feb. 26. The suggested donation for the course is $50 for ZCD members or $75 for non-members. For additional location and parking information, please go to .

About the Teacher

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge Roshi is a Zen teacher in the lay tradition of Koun Yamada and Robert Aitken, and one of the three spiritual directors of the Zen Center of Denver. Ken earned a Ph.D in Physiology at UCLA and is now retired after 30 years teaching human biology courses at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, the Rolf Institute and Naropa University. He is the author of Dogs, Trees, Beards and Other Wonders: Meditations on the Forty-eight Cases of the Wumenguan.