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Dharma Jewel Monastery is a Zen meditation center and Buddhist temple in Atlanta led by monastics (fully ordained monks and nuns) under the direction of Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan. We are planning for the post-covid reopening sometime in 2022! To get a reminder, email us at info@georgiameditation.org (that's info at georgiameditation dot org) and we'll let you know when it's scheduled to start!

All events are free; donations are welcome. More info about DJM at http://www.dharmajewel.us


Dharma Jewel Monastery, Chung Tai Zen Center of Atlanta, remains closed out of concern for the health of our entire community. Our Zen meditation center and Buddhist temple is closed to the public - all events are cancelled, but you can cultivate mindfulness at home, separate yet together with us. We will resume in-person activities at some time later this year when the risk of spreading disease becomes much lower, as the safety of all those around us are our priority.

You can find a listing of other online events, including Zen meditation, sutra chanting, Buddha-name recitation, Buddhist classes, and more at:




Plus check out American Buddhist folk music just released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Good Karma Radio at http://www.dharmaradio.org !

Read a message from our founder, Grand Master Wei Chueh, with words of wisdom in dealing with viral pandemics:


Dharma Jewel Monastery in Atlanta (as well as Chung Tai Chan Monastery worldwide branches) has indefinitely suspended in person events due to the coronavirus COVID19 outbreak concerns.

Dharma Jewel Monastery closed to the public in the first week of February 2020 purely out of precaution for safety out of concern for coronavirus. (We believe it was the first religious center / place of worship to shut down for the pandemic in Georgia.) Thank you for your continued support online. You can also make donations on our website to help financially sustain the center through the pandemic.


Dharma Jewel Monastery, Atlanta's Zen Buddhism Center, invites you to discover yourself through inner reflection and Zen meditation!

Our guided meditation and 3-month sequential fundamental concepts of Buddhism class is held weekly. Next course is TBD. Classes are led by dedicated Buddhist monastics who have years of meditation experience and rigorous training and devote their entire lives to authentic Zen practice. Courses are offered at no charge. Everyone is welcome.

Children's meditation classes are on weekends.

2021 Little Jewel Children and Family meditation class dates: TBD

Register now on the temple website at www.DharmaJewel.US (http://www.dharmajewel.us/) , call us at 770-939-5008, or drop by to visit at 2550 Henderson Mill Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

In addition, most Sundays at 2pm is a recitation service of the Diamond Sutra. Anyone can come for this mindfulness chanting service, bilingual Mandarin Chinese and English. ** Postponed indefinitely

There is also a monthly Vegetarian Cooking class. Free, but advanced registration is required.

Upcoming dates: TBD

Only meditation class participants are eligible to attend one, two, and seven day Zen meditation retreats, as well as Zen kung-fu martial arts classes. All activities at Dharma Jewel Monastery are free.

Buddhist Ceremonies monthly on Sundays at 9:15am - 12:15pm: Each year, we hold several, including Buddha's Birthday Ceremony, the Medicine Buddha Gratitude Ceremony, Guan Yin Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Blessing Ceremony, Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance Ceremony, the Diamond Sutra Ceremony, Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year Blessing Ceremony, Buddha's Birthday Vesak Ceremony, the Great Compassion Mantra Repentance, and more. All are welcome for the services, which are largely chanting based in Chinese with English translation and bilingual instructions. Free vegetarian lunch follows.

Next Ceremony dates: TBD

Our next Dharma Jewel Veggie Festival will be TBD with free vegetarian food lovingly cooked by volunteers and ordered from award-winning local Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malay, Asian, and American restaurants such as VeGreen Vegan Fusion, Herban Fix Vegan Kitchen, VeGreen Burger, Mamak Vegan Malaysian, Vegreen 2 Go, and Cafe Sunflower! Thanks for coming out and we hope you continue to show compassion and leave animals off your plate.


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