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What we’re about

A Planet Without Borders (TM) is a meetup for all of the existing and future " Without Borders " group members.  It provides an open forum and gathering place for " Without Borders " groups such as :

Engineers Without Borders, Architects Without Borders, Builders Without Borders, Doctors Without Borders, Dentists Without Borders, Pharmacists Without Borders, Veterinarians Without Borders, Scientists Without Borders, Teachers Without Borders, Lawyers Without Borders, Chemists Without Borders, Librarians Without Borders, Sociologists Without Borders, MBAs Without Borders, Translators Without Borders, Reporters Without Borders, Bankers Without Borders, Business Without Borders, Capital Without Borders, and other " Without Borders " groups to share and exchange ideas, concepts, skills, knowledge, experience, and resources.

It is also open to non-members or anyone who is interested in this global " Without Borders " movement and concept.  It encourages cooperation, collaboration, and innovation amongst these professionals with the resulting synergy that will maximize the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of global humanitarian services at the local, national, and international levels.  It stimulates creativity, community building, idea sharing, knowledge sharing, professional networking, interaction design, and inspiration in this global conscious movement of life transformation for the Betterment of Mankind.

Our aspiration is to envision A Planet Without Political Borders, Religious Borders, Ethnic Borders, Racial Borders, Gender Borders, Class Borders, Wealth Borders, Cultural Borders, and other Social Borders.
It is based on the Principle of " THE POWER OF LOVE instead of the love of power (TM) ".
It is based on the Foundation of Mutual Recognition, Mutual Understanding, Mutual Respect, and Mutual Trust.

IMAGINE A Planet Without Humanly Imposed Borders.

It is A Global Movement for A Noble Cause (TM).

Looking forward to meeting and talking with every one of you who are interested in this global " Without Borders " movement.

*  A Planet Without Borders (TM) is a Trademark

*  A Global Movement for A Noble Cause (TM) is a Trademark

*  THE POWER OF LOVE instead of the love of power (TM) is a Trademark