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What we’re about

The purpose of our group is to create a face-to-face community of people interested in mobility tech around Ann Arbor. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with mobility tech companies to learn about innovations developing in our backyard and host innovative thought leaders from around the globe who can share their insights and experiences with us. 

The mobility space is evolving rapidly with companies building solutions that tackle issues around connectivity, seamlessness, automation, environmental impact, safety, user experience and equity. We want to strengthen the community of people passionate about mobility in the Ann Arbor region and encourage more local collaboration. 

If you're interested in any aspect of the future of mobility tech, please join us. We'll give you a warm welcome.
P.S: Ann Arbor SPARK also maintains a monthly newsletter on Mobility opportunities, events and insights focussed on the Ann Arbor region. Here is the link to sign up for that if you are interested: