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What we’re about

Welcome to Pink Sapphire Girlfriends! <br> <br> Pink Sapphire Girlfriends allow women an opportunity to meet and make new friends. If you are between the ages of 35-60, please feel free to join our group so that you can begin the process of forming a sisterhood that promotes harmony and togetherness. We are a very active group that aims for variety of activities and diverse membership<br> Our group functions will include a range of activities such as: brunch, movies, concerts, festivals, road trips, dinner and cocktails, charity events, rock climbing, firearm shooting,happy hour, getaways, etc… Pink Sapphire Girlfriends look forward to our members making everlasting memories together. <br> Remember, as a SAPPHIRE, you can ALWAYS be yourself… <br> <br> Although the ultimate goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves, we have a few rules that are strongly enforced. <br> <br> 1.) Add YOUR photo to your page - Photos enable us to recognize each other at our different events.

2.) Use YOUR real name - First Name only is acceptable.

3.) RSVP Policy - Please UPDATE your RSVPs accordingly if your plans change and you are no-longer able to attend an even that you have RSVP'd "yes" to. ****2 No shows to meet-up events will result in your membership termination.

4.) Membership Dues - Payable within 30 days in order to continue to maintain access to our group and to participate in our different events. <br>

5.) Rules & Regulations - Please agree to our rules and regulation regarding use of our meet-up site. <br>

6.) Disclaimer & Waiver - Agree to our disclaimer and waiver of liability policy. <br> <br> <br> Violation of Rules will result in termination of your membership and you will be banned from Pink Sapphire Girlfriends! <br>