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AAA - Action Adventure Activity

London's most established and active international hiking groups.

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Our aim is simple:


To get outdoors and visit new places, enjoy the beautiful scenery with people who want to have fun and meet new friends. We have a simple philosophy; provide fun and sociable events that incorporate the best an area has to offer with experienced hike leaders.


All the photos shown are taken on events by group members...thank you to our talented group photographers Alex, the David's, Mike and many others..

Who are we?
We were established in 2008 and have run well over 500 events and hosted over 20,000 members. We usually run around 50 events per year ranging from mid-week evening social events, such as treasure hunts and kayaking sessions, to weekend and week-long UK and overseas hiking trips to Europe and beyond.

In 2018 we are proud to say that we ran events in over 35 different locations covering the breadth of the UK from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands and from Pembrokeshire to Norfolk. In addition to this, we have hosted trips in over 8 different European locations and we are constantly striving to offer new and interesting trips. We are confident in 2018 there will be even more events and places that we will be visiting.

The AAA crew is made up of a lot of outdoor enthusiasts with decades of experience, a number of our principal hike leaders originate from the British Army who all have extensive navigation, mountain and first aid experience. So you'll be in steady hands! Your taste buds will also be very well catered for by our team of chefs, cooks and kitchen helpers.

AAA's mix of great food, capable hike leaders, interesting destination and inclusive social aspects has been very popular with our members, so popular that we are proud to recognise that other larger groups have now been replicating both our events and format and menus. We are indeed flattered by any imitation as the more groups offering trips is good for everyone and we hope one day to be in a position to flatter their achievements.

We for our part will still continue to strive to provide popular destinations at affordable prices with a strong emphasis on providing good hikes, quality food and enjoyable and inclusive socialising. You can also be assured that the events and activities we list are activities we have hosted and not just a marketing ploy, as adopted by one of the largest UK outdoor group.


Our most popular events are weekend hiking trips to locations around the UK.


What makes our events? \

Without a doubt, the answer to this question is our members. We are proud of the fact that we regularly have over 50% of our weekend and overseas trips made up of loyal members who have attended other trips. This is not to say that the group is cliquey in any way. As hosts, we have belonged to groups where cliques exist and we work hard with our members to ensure that this doesn't happen.

AAA has some basic principles for ensuring successful events. They are quite simply;

  1. Great Hiking Destinations. If we are not interested in the destination, then we don't host a trip there. We also don't resist the same destination multiple times in the year just to host more trips than other groups.
  2. Quality accommodation is suitable for the event.
    3. Only using Experienced Hike Leaders and or qualified instructors for other activities
  3. Comprehensive Destination Research which we always pre-visit before proposing an event.
  4. Control of the finances, we don't use third-party operators on the ground to book transport and accommodation. We control the money, this reduces any risk of ground operators going into liquidation without the Meetup Group having any recourse.
  5. Control of the logistics. If we don't have control of the finances we can't control the logistics. If we have control of the logistics it enables us to adjust the programme if needed.
  6. Social Hub. Socialising is a big part of Meetup, after all, it's in the title! So wherever we are we look to ensure that there is a point where everyone can socialise, whether it be a dining room, local bar or lounge.

Who attends our events?
The majority of our active members range in age between the mid-20s to late 40s, but age is no barrier so long as you are at least young at heart. Members generally live or work in the greater London area, but we have an ever-increasing number of members who live all over the UK and join us in the destination. After all, you don’t need to live in London to visit the Lake District!


A large proportion of our members are international, providing an interesting and diverse mix of experiences and cultures. We also have a significant proportion of single members on events, although you certainly don’t need to be single to attend. We have many couples attending our events.

If you are nervous about committing to a weekend trip, don't be, almost everyone has turned up at an event before without knowing anyone. We all know what it's like. If you are still concerned try one of our evening or day events, they act as a taster and you are sure to meet like-minded people. We also work hard to ensure that the trips are inclusive for everyone. We usually provide a minimum of two hike leaders on weekends and overseas hikes to ensure we can offer a mix of hikes to meet the group's needs. We rarely have hikes that exceed 28 people (day hikes only with 1 guide) and usually, the hikes are pitched to a group of no more than 10- 16 people of similar fitness and ability on a weekend away.


What do we do?
We organise the logistics for our hiking trips so that you don’t have to. We find the locations, book the venues and organise all catering for weekends. We even help coordinate transport and lift shares. If you don't have transport contact the organiser who will help put you in contact with someone who's driving.

Our aim is to explore and hike in picturesque and beautiful rural locations throughout the British Isles and beyond. We regularly visit all of the UK’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Whilst we often repeat visits to the many great National Parks we do vary the locations we stay at as best as we can. We certainly don't repeat the same venues and walks over and over again just because we have a hike or hostel that works and is easy to repeat. One look at our past events will show you the variety of places visited.


We arrange a host of evening events that usually provide an element of the activity. We believe it's better to get people together and involved in an activity that they can participate in rather than just organising a Meetup in a pub. However, we normally conclude our events with a social drink or two in a pub.

Evening events have included: (examples of our events can be viewed in our past events section)
Treasure & Scavenger Hunts around London, Go-Karting, Paintball, Kayaking along the Thames, Yoga, Shopping Discount evenings, Pub Quizzes, Charitable Volunteering Events, Games nights, Orienteering and Photography exhibitions.


We organise a number of day walks and activities throughout the year. These usually depart from a central London station and the hikes normally start at locations 60-90 minutes outside of London in areas of scenic beauty. If you live close to the start of the hike let us know and join us there. We look to organise everything, so all you need to do is turn up and we will have your tickets and everything ready. Our hikes are led by very capable navigators with years of map reading experience. In fact one of our hike leaders spent most of his military life navigating at night, so he's relieved to be allowed out navigating during the daylight hour!

We also organise other events such as;
Kayaking on the Cuckmere and into the sea, Go Ape, Go-karting, canoeing the River Wye, caving, climbing & abseiling, zip wires, London's Lord Mayors Show, navigation training and even photography sessions.

Typically we organise two or more weekends per month in all parts of the UK. Trips usually involve a visit to the National Park or an Area of Natural Beauty throughout the UK. Sometimes we organise optional activities that can range from Yoga to cycling. Since 2013 we have included even more climbing & Abseiling, Caving, Canoeing, Scrambling, Kayaking, Surfing and Wine Tasting. But nothing is off-limits so if you have an idea let us know.


Normally we hire for the exclusive use of a Youth Hostel or similar accommodation, sometimes it can be a hotel or lodge. AAA almost always host breakfast and evening meals as we are very particular about maintaining a reputation for providing quality food on our weekends. We will be there to greet you on arrival and allocate rooms etc. There is always a warm supper on a Friday night followed by some cake. The weekends then take on a well-rehearsed routine that ensures we can maximize the time for hiking.

We try where possible not to repeat weekends and if we do we do so in different seasons. However, some locations like Snowdon and the Brecon Beacons are always very popular and worth repeating. But unlike some groups, you won't find us visiting the same location twice or more in the same month. As organisers, we have a passion for the outdoors and too much repetition is a bad thing.


We enjoy experiencing new places and we are sure you do, too. So we are always looking to host hiking orientated trips in new overseas locations. We typically organise the accommodation, catering etc as well as plan with detail the hikes in the local areas. Often we will pick you up from the local airport or provide you with details to organise your own transfers to the accommodation. We will even recommend flights and help you coordinate your travel arrangements with others in the group.
When we are in the location we help to facilitate additional activities from mountain biking, paragliding, white water rafting to a wine tasting or local sightseeing trips.


Who are we?
Our core team have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of key areas. We have years of hiking and outdoors experience. Our principal events hosts and hike leaders have over three decades of military experience, two from elite units (certainly not in the catering corp.) as well as a 15-year career in the event management industry producing events from small high-end events to logistics for 15,000 person event. One of our event hosts has even won awards in the event industry. Not content with our existing experience we also undertake additional training to keep our key skills tip-top.
Click here to Meet the team

Why do we do it?
Quite simply we love the outdoors and making the most of this beautiful country we live in and what better way to do it than by meeting new friends.
Our aim is to build a great community of hikers with whom we can share our enjoyment of the outdoors and adventurous activities. As they say, size isn't important! We are never happier than when we see the same members repeatedly attend our events, many have been joining us for years and we continue to enjoy their company.
Many of our members have made new lifelong friends after trips, some have developed into loving relationships and we know of at least three couples that have met and got married after meeting at our events.


How do we do it?
We create appealing trips that are affordable to all. They are affordable because we generally use Youth Hostels and cater for ourselves and everyone helps and contributes towards the weekend.


The food you enjoy has been said by many to be the best they have experienced at any Meetup event. We strive to ensure we provide a cooked breakfast, not just a cold continental buffet, after all, if you are setting off on a day's hike you want a hearty meal. We set everything up in the morning for you to make your own sandwiches with fillings of your own choice. AAA dinner is always very popular with wholesome ingredients including a variety of salads, vegetarian dishes as well a typical main selection followed by a cake for dessert. After supper, we all get to relax and socialise, sometimes with some games, whichever is most fitting. Whilst we all enjoy a pub visit, we include the dinner within the cost, so it's not an extra cost or a car journey (with no alcohol!).

Frequently Asked Questions
Many people ask us questions about our trips, we hope that we cover most of the usual questions in the event description. We also have some answers to the popular question in our FAQ section

Safety \

Our main hike leaders have undertaken the six-day Mountain Leader course (accredited by the MLT) as well as having undertaken the two and three day Wilderness & Outdoor Activity First Aid course. One of our hike leaders even undertook a 6-month military-medical course culminating with practical training in an A&E Hospital and 2 weeks with paramedics. Both of our principal hike leaders have over 20 years of military experience, not just as conscripts. Much of their experience was focused on fieldcraft, navigation and first aid, making them ideal hike leaders.
All of our events are run by very experienced hikers, most of our hike leaders have a minimum of Mountain Leader training and an Outdoor Activity First Aid qualification or similar experience/qualifications. It would, however, be unfair to say that this makes the outdoors safe, there is always risks present, but with our experience, training and meticulous planning, we aim to minimise the risk.
Generally, our hikes tend to be limited to 20 people when in the hills and 24-28 in lowlands as our training indicate that this is a safe number, it's also important for everyone's enjoyment that the hike is not hindered by big numbers, or a very slow pace as you constantly find yourself waiting and it prevents people getting left behind, as we hear so often occurs in other groups with 40-50 people on a day hike.

What type of activities do we do?
Over the past three years, we have offered a wide range of events. These have included;
Hiking & walking (of course), kayaking along the Thames, camping & canoeing, yoga breaks, fitness weekends, potholing, historic sightseeing, overseas trips, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, cycling, trekking, backpacking, adventure weekends, coast walking, long distant walking, caving, countryside conservation, charity volunteering, sea kayaking, treasure hunts, paintball, the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge, abseiling, recreation weekends, gorge walking & canyoning, rafting, navigation courses, culture trips, community trips, tennis, orienteering, coasteering, go-karting, horse riding and paragliding
Unlike some larger groups who claim to have offered these activities, because it's good for their marketing and Meetup listing, we have actually offered all these events. Please, check out our past events.


[see note 1]
And there are many other activities we would like to give a try in the future such as sailing, scuba diving, static line parachuting, skydiving, exercise boot camps, target shooting, clay pigeon shooting etc…


Where do we visit?
Our usual destinations include the National Parks of the United Kingdom such as:
Brecon Beacons, Norfolk Broads, Cairngorms, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Lake District, Loch Lomond, New Forest, Northumberland, North York Moors, Dark Peaks, Peak District, Pembrokeshire Coast, Snowdonia, South Downs and the Yorkshire Dales.


[see note 1]
We have also organised events with visits to the following areas of natural beauty that have included:
Arnside and Silverdale, Chichester Harbour, Chilterns, Cornwall, Cotswolds, Cranborne Chase & West Wiltshire Downs, Dedham Vale, Dorset, East Devon, Isle of Wight, Kent Downs, Lincolnshire Wolds Malvern Hills, Mendip Hills, Nidderdale, Norfolk Broads & Coast, North Devon, North Pennines, Northumberland Coast, North Wessex Downs, Quantock Hills, Shropshire Hills, Solway Coast, South Devon, Suffolk Coast & Heaths, Surrey Hills, Tamar Valley and the beautiful Wye Valley.


[see note 1] \

Many of our hikes have included some of the popular long-distance routes, these have included:
Cotswold Way National Trail, Cumbria Coastal Way, Highland Way, East Riding Heritage Way, Grand Union Canal Walk, Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail, Herriot Way, Hertfordshire Way, Mendip Ring, North Downs Way National Trail, North-West Coastal Trail, Offa's Dyke Path National Trail, Peak District High-Level Route, Norfolk Coast Path National Trail, Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail, Pennine Way National Trail, Snowdonia Round, Solent Way, South Downs Way National Trail, South West Coast Path National Trail, Southern Upland Way, Thames Path National Trail, Wainwrights Way, Wales Coast Path, Wessex Ridgeway Trail, West Highland Way, Westmorland Way, White Peak Way, Wilts and Berks Canal Towpath, Winchcombe Way and Wye Valley Walk.


[note 1] \

We have also organised overseas trips to destinations such as:
The Pyrenees, the Dolomites, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, different parts of Croatia, Poland, Madeira, Scotland, France: Corsica, Swiss & French Alps and Russia & Ukraine.


[note 1] \

We have plans for trips to Ireland, Norway, Kilimanjaro, Andalucía and as the group flourishes we will offer many more, too!


Note 1
The destinations and activities listed are examples of events AAA have organised or part of an AAA event. They are not places and events added here to improve our Meetup search ratings and mislead members. We accept that imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but we don't feel flattered when it misleads others. One of the other larger groups has the almost identical text as ours in places, the most notable error on their part is the inclusion of the West Highland Way, Highland Way and Winchcombe Way which are in countries and locations their group has not visited. We are not even going to comment on the activities listed we will leave you to make up your own minds. Come on guys, you know who you are, let's all be honest about what we do and where we go.

Upcoming events (4+)

June 30-July 3, 3 nights Cornwall Coast Smuggler’s Coves & Dramatic Cliffs

Needs a location


Join us for an all-inclusive Hiking & Sightseeing 3 nights trip, with homemade food in Southern Cornwall.

There's so much to do, see and explore in Cornwall. With the longest stretch of continuous coastline in Britain, you’ll discover tiny fishing villages, smuggler’s coves, countless spectacular beaches and sweeping bays, dramatic cliffs and coastlines, plus beautiful moorland and countryside.


3 nights accommodation, Thursday night light supper, 3 Cooked breakfasts, 3 Packed lunches, 2 Guided Hikes, 2 Cream Tea, 2 Dinners

Few places in Cornwall can compare with the Roseland - one of the most picturesque and unspoiled parts of the British Isles. Lovely beaches and cliffs, delightful rivers and countryside, pretty villages and hamlets all make the Roseland the perfect hiking destination.

There will have at least two hike leaders on this trip so that you have a choice between two different paced hikes, this also ensures the group is split into smaller group sizes groups making for more pleasurable hikes.

Click here to join our Facebook hiking and activity community and keep up to date with events and photos: https://www.facebook.com/AAALondonGroup/?eid=ARDGfzn9iGndtwUlMiULKq2R7cE1FmvshKGUiCZR5gzviVRQ0OwgHTQriFjzOWyidQNfMHy6yauBl0Gm

Cornwall's beaches are unrivalled elsewhere in Britain for their beauty and variety, especially in summer.


We will be based next to Mevagissey - an attractive old town which was once the centre of Cornwall’s pilchard fishery and which still boasts a working harbour, with a few dozen small fishing boats. It has a tradition of boat building dating back to 1745. Many of the old buildings, constructed of cob and slate, bear testimony to a time when the large shoals of pilchards were the livelihood of the whole village.

The name Mevagissey is derived from the names of two saints, St Meva and St Issey. The first record is of a hamlet of this name in 1313, but there were local settlements in the Bronze Age.

We plan to hike through the town and stop for drinks & photos.

Nearby are The Lost Gardens of Heligan, which underwent a famous restoration after decades of neglect and now brims with an amazing array of sub-tropical flowers, trees and plants and the Pentewan trail.

There will be a shorter hike on Sunday, finishing in the Cornish traditional fishing village with the possibility to try some local seafood for lunch.


There will be a minimum of 2 very capable hike leaders this weekend, both with extensive navigational and leading experience and trained in wilderness first aid.

The choice of hikes will differ in distance and toughness and we usually aim to have no more than 15 people per hike. This ensures that the groups are not left waiting for long periods whilst the 30th person catches up.

Usually, you can expect the shorter of the hikes to be around 10 miles / 16km and the long hike to be 16 miles / 25 km plus. This will vary according to the terrain and ascents.

AAA choose not to repeat the same hikes from previous trips, we also choose not to publish our hikes in advance, although we usually plan them ahead of the weekend. We will take into account our own local knowledge and that of the locals, along with the weather conditions, prior to announcing the hike options available.

We are passionate about hiking and experienced navigators as such we don’t need to repeat the same hikes on the same weekends.


AAA food quality has become well known within the Hiking Meetup community. We typically greet you with homemade soup, served with cold meats, cheese and bread on your arrival on Thursday night, topped off with Misha’s signature Banana Walnut cake.

Even if you’re not a fan of porridge, you’re guaranteed to be tempted by Misha’s famous hearty porridge with fresh fruit salad, nuts and honey at breakfast. There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of creamy porridge with a handful of crunchy flaked almonds and juicy sweet blueberries to start your day of intensive hiking! Breakfast is, of course, the most important meal of the day, so you can further enjoy sausages and eggs.

We believe your packed lunch is a personal affair and we provide you with all the ingredients to make up your own sandwiches. So whether it’s peanut butter & jelly or something more substantial like ham & cheese with freshly sliced vegetables, hummus, you can get creative at our morning ‘sandwich factory’. Day-long hiking in the fresh and invigorating air prompts a healthy appetite, so there are also fruit, crisps and sweet snacks available for your packed lunch.

On your return from the hike, you can enjoy the cream tea with scrumptious scones, jam and clotted cream. After some hikes, there’s a possibility to forego the cream tea in favour of a visit to a local country pub before returning back to the hostel.

Saturday dinner is a group event: members chat about the day’s events, whilst helping out with some of the preparation. It is usually served at 8 pm and includes a wide selection of salads, meat and a vegetarian dish and dessert.

If you have any special diet requirements, please, let us know in advance, so that we can accommodate your needs.

You will need to bring your own alcoholic drinks in advance, as AAA is not licenced to sell alcohol.

There is no need for additional expenses, such as a meal out at a local restaurant or pub.



We rented privately Boswinger YHA for 3 nights just for our group.

Originally two stone farm cottages and a barn, the hostel has been refurbished as one building. Built around a courtyard, this is one of YHA's oldest venues in Cornwall and stands in the centre of the quiet, seaside hamlet of Boswinger, with sea views and a wide choice of beaches.

All bed linen is provided, with washbasins in each room.
Accommodation is in male and female rooms for 4 and 6 people.


A TWIN BUNK BEDROOM for 2 people for £169 extra via [masked] (SOLD OUT NOW, SORRY)


AAA events start and end at the accommodation venue so you will need to arrange your own transport to and from the accommodation.

Members have been organising lift shares within the Meetup group for a long time and AAA have also assisted members to organise getting to the destination.
If you want to lift share we recommend that you post a message on the Meetup “Discussion” page that is specific to this event.
AAA LG takes no responsibility for the lift shares and does not get involved with these private arrangements between members.

Please do not contact people regarding lifts on the “Conversation” thread below as this generates spam for all participants of the event.


• 3 nights accommodation in dormitory accommodation

• Thursday night light supper,

• 3 Cooked breakfasts,

• 3 Packed lunches,

• choice of 2 Guided Hikes by experienced hike leaders

• 2 Cream Tea

• 2 Dinners

• Compliance with the 1992 Package Travel Regulations including Financial protection.


• Transport to the destination
• Alcoholic drinks and other incidentals


Once you have RSVP yes you are required to secure your place by making a £229 bank transfer to:

Account Name: AAA LG
Sort Code[masked]

Please, make ensure you add your Meetup profile name & (Boswinger) as part of the bank reference to guarantee we can match your payment to the correct Meetup profile RSVP.



Your safety is always paramount for AAA London Group!

All participants (members and their guests) on any AAA London Group walk or activity are personally responsible for their own fitness, safety and welfare and must be equipped accordingly. Failure to be equipped adequately can result in accidents and you might be declined from joining some of the more adventurous hikes.

By signing up for this event you acknowledge and agree to the

AAA London Group Terms and Conditions. (http://www.meetup.com/AAA-London-Group/pages/AAA_London_Group_Terms_and_Conditions/)

Everyone in the group has to obtain appropriate insurance.
The BMC: http://www.thebmc.co.uk/modules/insurance/Policies.aspx
offer excellent policies for all outdoor enthusiasts at competitive rates.

© AAA LG Ltd 2021.
Errors and Omissions Excepted.

'The Darling Buds of May [in July]'. 'Perfick' Pluckley. The Kent Downs

Needs a location


It's summer time and we are off to sleepy rural Kent to hike in the ‘Garden of England’ where hop and fruit orchards lie in abundance amongst apple blossom and yellow oil-seed rape. This wholesome way of life was depicted in ‘Feel Good’ 1990s ITV comedy drama 'The Darling Buds of May' starring ‘Perfick ’David Jason and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Many scenes were filmed in picturesque Pluckley village perched high on a hill. We will have a chance to wander past Fig Tree Cottage, Church Gate Cottage, The butcher's shop and Post Office. Other broadcasters have come to Pluckley - Most Haunted Midsommer Murders, Ghostly Legends and Top Gear.

Additionally, Pluckley is reputed to be ‘the most haunted village in Britain’ with 12 different ghosts reported. Sightings of a ghostly monk, a phantom highwayman and a gypsy woman. In Dick Buss's Lane we will stop to feel the supernatural chill. Here, long since the 1920s a schoolmaster's ghost hangs from a tree during a Full Moon. Also, in St Nicholas' churchyard we learn about the ghost of Lady Dering - 'The Lady in Red'.

Many buildings in the village and surrounding area have signature round-topped windows. During the 17th Century English Civil War, Lord Dering escaped capture by Cromwell when he dived head-first through such a window. An explanation for the unusually high ceilings in some of the older properties is due to textile weaving - a local Cottage industry.

We will explore the sourrounding area of the stunning Stour Valley. Hothfield Common - a landscaped nature reserve with cattle, horses, walkways amongst water features. From high meadows we will see the North Downs escarpment. We will cross the River Stour at Worten Mill walking through attractive gardens and spinneys. We will return via the Greensand Way.

Enjoy a refreshing drink in the Dering Arms, a beautiful rustic pub opposite the railway station.


Distance: 16.3 km (10 miles) approx circular route
Ascent: 159 metres
Estimated Duration (approx): 4.5 hours
Difficulty: Relaxed/Moderate



Meetup location: London Charing Cross main concourse Nero Coffee
Meetup Time: 0915
Depart Meetup point for train: 0930
Train departs Charing Cross: 0940
Train arrives Pluckley: 1050

It is impossible to promise a specific finish time but we expect to be back in London by 1900. Therefore, please commit to the whole day.


Guided Hike by a trained Summer Mountain Leader with Wilderness First Aid Training
PayPal fee
Group train ticket


Lunch, Souvenirs, Entrance fees to any attractions you wish to visit


Good boots or hiking shoes
Waterproof jacket and trousers (Please no jeans!)
Water [2L recommended]
Warm/Windproof layer
Wicking base layer e.g Polyester/Tencil
Camera & phone
Packed picnic lunch/snacks
Sun Hat/Block
Neck Buff/scarf



If your plans change please update your RSVP ‘no’. Others can take advantage of the newly available place. If the hike sells out then please message us we will be happy to credit you, or refund you less £1.50 PayPal fee.


This hike is limited to 24 attendees

We have operated over 1000 events in the last ten years that have been free of major incidents. We have achieved this via meticulous planning. All participants (members and their guests) on any AAA London Group walk or activity are personally responsible for their own fitness, safety and welfare and must be equipped accordingly. If you have signed up to the event you acknowledge and accept the AAA London Group Terms and Conditions.


© AAA London Group Ltd 2021. Errors and Omissions Excepted.

Spa Royal Tunbridge Wells to Bells Yew Green - Summer High Weald

Needs a location


'HIKE ONLY' option - If you wish to organise your own rail ticket, travel alone, or meet at Royal Tunbridge Wells Railway Station - please pay £10 with Paypal on RSVP

It is another summer weekend, let's make full use of the long days to go tramping through the characterful, leafy, and vibrant forests of the High Weald.

We will alight at Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent. One of the 'Seven Wonders of the Weald', a Spa Town hosting the ancient 'Wells'. Follow in the footsteps of noble Victorian Dippers taking the 'Waters' as we walk the parade of Georgian columnade Pantiles - now a fashionable shopping street.

The summer High Weald is particularly mesmerising. A splendid canopy of trees, and a storied landscape of fields, farms, and forests, orchards, smugglers, and sunken cart horse lanes. It was Britain's main iron-producing region during the Roman and Tudor periods.

We will hike towards the 14th Century moated manor of Groombridge Place following the course of the Spa Valley steam railway past High Rocks, walk through the sandstone crops and rocks of Birchden Wood and across the High Landscape Trail past Eridge Old Park close to Chalybeate Spring source of the Spa at Royal Tunbridge Wells.

We will finish for drinks in the garden of the rustic Gothic Brecknock Arms, a traditional Harveys Brewery pub a few steps from Frant railway station.


Distance: 17.5 km (11 miles) approx
Ascent: 282 metres
Estimated Duration (approx): 4.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate/Relaxed



Meetup Point: London Charing Cross Railway Station
Meetup Time: 0855
Depart Meetup Point for Train: 0905
Train departs London Charing Cross: 0914
Train Arrives Royal Tunbridge Wells: 1021
Hike Finish: Frant Railway Station

It is impossible to promise a specified finish time, but we aim to be back in London by 1900


Guided Hike by a trained Summer Mountain Leader with Wilderness First Aid Training
PayPal fee
Group Train Ticket


Lunch, Drinks, Souvenirs, Entrance fees to any attractions you wish to visit


Hiking shoes or boots
Waterproof jacket and trousers (Please no jeans!)
Water [2L recommended]
Warm/Windproof layer
Wicking base layer e.g Polyester/Tencil
Camera & phone
Packed lunch and snacks
Sun block/Sun Hat
Neck Buff/Scarf


If your plans change please update your RSVP ‘No’. Others can take advantage of the newly available place. If the hike sells out then please message us we will be happy to credit you, or refund you less £1.50 Paypal fee.

This hike is limited to 24 attendees

We have operated over 1000 events in the last ten years that have been free of major incidents. We have achieved this via meticulous planning. All participants (members and their guests) on any AAA London Group walk or activity are personally responsible for their own fitness, safety and welfare and must be equipped accordingly. If you have signed up to the event you acknowledge and accept the AAA London Group Terms and Conditions.


© AAA London Group Ltd 2021. Errors and Omissions Excepted

NEW July 7-10 Brecon Beacons NP, 4 Waterfalls Hike & Red Kites, 2/3 nights

Needs a location


Join us on an all-inclusive with AAA Famous homemade hearty meals 2/3 night hiking weekend, based in the western and wild part of the park. The last time we were based in this hostel 10 years ago with the group.
We are fairly close to the Waterfall Country of the Brecon Beacons NP and plan to do a famous 4 waterfalls hike.
Taking it in the middle of summer, you may have a waterfall shower :).

Please, send all trip questions to [masked]

This will be a small group of 18 guests only.


The Black Mountain or known to the regulars as Mynydd Du are the far great west end summits of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.
They are very similar in shape and character to the Brecon Beacons as they were all created at the same time due to the finish of the ice age when the remains of the glaciers dragged their gigantic cliff-faced corries out of their northern sides.

The actual Black Mountain is not just one summit but an area that covers a vast part of South Wales between the towns of Llandovery, Sennybridge, Abercraf, Brynamman and Llangadog.
It consists of lots of other much smaller summits but the main ones strike the skyline with sheer beauty.

The Four Waterfalls Walk is a famous trail located near Ystradfellte, Powys, in South Wales. The trail boasts stunning scenery and access to ‘The Four Waterfalls’ in the Brecon Beacons National Park. The four falls are Sgwd Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd y Pannwr, and Sgwd yr Eira.


We will have 2 hike leaders on this trip and offer 2 hiking options every day, 9 to 14 miles. Hiking from a hostel one day we will explore Llyn y Fan Fach & the Carmarthen Fans.
We will do a famous Waterfalls Hike in Wales, walking behind the great sheet of water at Sgwd yr Eira on the other day.

The Red Kite Feeding Station is located in the village of Llanddeusant at the western edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park. We will visit it after a hike.

The Red Kites are fed daily at the same time. During British Summer Time it is at 3 pm. The price for adults is £6.

Usually, around 50+ birds may be seen gathering before the feed, soaring high into the sky until they start diving onto their food. In addition to Kites, Buzzards and Ravens may also join the fun!

This is a great chance for photographers ...


We rented YHA Llanddeusant privately for 3 nights just for our group.
A break in this rural retreat will restore your spirits. Set in the least developed area of the NP, the hostel overlooks the magical Sawdde Valley and is a great location.
The building, a former inn, built in 1789, retains many of its original features and offers a warm welcome with an open fire in the lounge.
There are rooms for 4 & 6 people.


• 3 nights of accommodation

• Thursday night light supper

• 3 Cooked breakfasts

• 3 Packed lunches

• Choice of Guided Hikes by experienced hike leaders

• 2 Cream Tea

• 2 Dinners on Friday, Saturday

• Compliance with the 1992 Package Travel Regulations including Financial protection.

You may join us for 2 nights only for £169.

Price DOES NOT include:

• Transport to the destination

• Alcoholic drinks and other incidentals

(AAA aims for home-made healthy food, catering for vegetarians, vegans and anybody else)


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