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We are the local (Atlanta) chapter for the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) - one of 42 such chapter across the country. We hold chapter meetings that host a variety of topics on personal financial planning, wealth building, and investing (see list of past speakers/topics below). Our mission is to educate and empower individual investors in their quest for achieving financial independence. To that end, we strive to bring compelling and accomplished speakers to present timely, relevant and actionable topics.

Want to find out how how to get started? Join this Meetup group and you will be notified of future meetings and events. We protect your privacy and work to prevent any spam from being posted to our website. Beginners and advanced investors are welcomed! There is a nominal fee to attend each meeting to cover overhead of speaker fees, facility rental and event expenses. We are not here to sell anything - only to create an open and friendly environment for like-minded people to learn, share and explore investing. Please join us!

We are an all-volunteer organization and are always seeking additional members who can help with various planning and administrative issues.

Feel free to contact us at aaiichapteratlanta@gmail.com with any questions, comments or feedback. This is YOUR organization!

Atlanta Chapter website: www.aaii-atlanta.com

Stock Investing Subgroup: www.meetup.com/stockinvesting

CANSLIM Stock Investing Subgroup: www.meetup.com/canslim

Be sure to check out our Files section of meetup (click on "more" at the top of the page) where we save the slides from past presentations when we have them. Also, most presentations are recorded and you can get the audio files here: http://www.mediafire.com/aaii-atlanta

You can find information on the AAII "parent" organization at www.aaii.com (http://www.aaii.com/). Membership is $29 per year, but you do NOT need to be a member to attend our local Atlanta Chapter meetings and events.

Upcoming events (5+)

Options SIG

Total Wine & More

Frank Hasbani will share how he uses options to make money. Frank was Co-Founder of Anova Analytics, leading a team of data scientists, with significant experience at delivering Data Driven Decision Support to Fortune 100 companies. A results-driven, highly skilled visionary in data science, ML and DL. A leader with a strong reputation for integrity, innovation, empowerment, and collaboration with teams and clients. Proven capabilities in DS program execution and delivery to financial, compliance, banking, telco, and digital media, industrial and logistical sectors. SME in data monetization, by leveraging data science and analytic processes. Expert at building decision support, and value realization, by delivering successful execution of strategic and tactical initiatives. OUTLINE FOR PRESENTATION A hybrid approach to investment: 1- Quick review of Sector Rotation POC: 10 Mins ----------Using ETFs only ----------Reduce risk, ----------Slight improvement of return 2- Can this work with the DOW30? 10 Mins ----------Using DOW30 only ----------Same risk, ----------Significant improvement of return 3- Can we improve returns using Options? 30 Mins ----------Using Vertical only!!!! ----------What's a Vertical???? ----------Demo Using TOS, -------------------a walk thru setup -------------------analyze risk -------------------execute, -------------------review -------------------exit 4- Questions 11/11/2019 from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM Total Wine Perimeter. Also, Total Wine does not offer free meeting space in December, so we probably won't meet then -- unless someone wants to offer their home for a Christmas party -- which would be a lot of fun! We'll start our November meeting with a free wine tasting. I hope to see you then!

Chapter Meeting: Effective Strategies for Cash Management

The panel discussion will cover a broad range of themes, including multiple strategies for cash investments, such as money market funds, certificates of deposit (CDs), Treasuries and other short-term investments. Rick Holland and Serif Denktas will talk about why a money market fund is a good substitute for a bank account. They will review the safety of money market funds, how they work in a rising rate environment, how to use Treasuries instead of bank CDs and how to build a cash portfolio. Many investors will find these creative ways to maximize their yield valuable and rewarding. The panelists will also answer questions from the audience. Speakers: Rick Holland & Serif Denktas

AAII Lunch Social Meeting

Sweet Tomatoes Perimeter (in the Costco and Home Depot parking lot)

Please join us for a Lunch Social on the fourth Tuesday of every month at Sweet Tomatoes, 6340 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Atlanta, GA 30328, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm to discuss everything and anything financial. (Note: There is a Senior discount of $8.49 for lunch and beverage, starting at 2:00, for those over 60.) This is very casual and you are welcome to come late and leave early if you need to. We're hoping that more AAII subgroups will naturally emerge from these luncheons as we discuss our financial interests, goals and questions. Please note the Options SIG meetings and the new Round Table Discussion and Book Group SIG coming in October. Everyone that I've talked to likes the idea of changing tables around 3:00 so we can all meet and talk to more people. However, many of us are also in the middle of conversation or lunch when it's time, and moving can be inconvenient in the moment. I'd like to have a volunteer, at each luncheon, take charge of when and how we shift seats for more mingling. (It's fine to try a different approach each month until we find something that feels right.) Hope to see you there!

Chapter Meeting: Biagnostics: The Next Step in Behavioral Finance

You've heard about behavioral finance and investing biases. But how do you apply behavioral finance principles to your own portfolio? In this workshop, you will learn how to diagnose and treat investment biases with Biagnostics, a proprietary framework designed to help you incorporate behavioral finance into your portfolio.

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AAII Lunch Social Meeting

Sweet Tomatoes Perimeter (in the Costco and Home Depot parking lot)

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