Past Meetup

THE FUTURE. Where are we going?


What are the issues that will affect our future?

Will we, through our collective decisions, resolve these issues for the better or worse?

How will we use the new tools available to us?
- For better or worse?
- As a time waster or to provide a more efficient use of our time?

Have multinational companies become more influential than the nation-state?
Is that good, bad or a bit of both?

How does the Faustian Bargain come into play?

Do you believe in the caterpillar or the butterfly as an analogy to what the future holds?

While life is changing with an ever-increasing momentum, what are some commonalities that never change?

How important will our value systems be in determining what the future holds?

In discussing these questions, perhaps we can get a better understanding of some philosophical questions:

Who are we?
How do we choose to relate to all the elements of life-the environment, the planet and other people?
Who do we really choose to be?
How do we choose to relate to life itself?
Why are we here?
Where are we going from here?
What is the meaning of one’s life?

This discussion is not meant to cover everything but a way of allowing the conversation to go wherever it takes us. Choose which references you like. All I ask is that you come prepared to share your knowledge and participate so that we can all come out of the meeting having a better understanding about the future.

References for more information on these topics:

For those who prefer to read:

We have the privilege of Erika sharing her essay about the future which she has written. You can find it in the "more" tab under files.

Liberating the Future from the Past? Liberating the Past from the Future? A Short-Listed Essay.

The Future by Al Gore

Who Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier - including the comments - can be downloaded to Kindle, Apple iBooks, PDF via Scribd, PDF via for free

For those that prefer video: - a documentary - Al Gore

Please feel free to add in the comment section any questions, thoughts or additional references or email me to add references or questions in the description.

Let the conversation begin!