Past Meetup

HodgePodge Philosophical Discussion


Jule will be hosting a hodgepodge philosophical discussion. This discussion will be a "topic free-for-all." Everyone brings a provocative idea in writing- we fold 'em up, put 'em in a pot, pull one out, read it and then talk it into the ground, pull out another, etc. Everyone who attends should bring at least one idea and please include your name on the piece of paper. Ideas can include thoughts on something you read recently, current events, an interesting quote, pet peeves, brief thoughts on a philosophical idea, recent innovations, etc....

I would like to see this flow in a conversational format rather than a narrative. Discussions should be genuine and all viewpoints are encouraged—even those that may not be accepted or agreed upon. Isn't it interesting to hear a viewpoint that is not our own? The goal should not be to disprove that idea but to listen and comment or ask questions about it and hopefully gain an insight that we didn't have before.

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