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What we’re about

The group was founded and has been maintained by Lydia, since November 2006, almost 14 years! The intention of the group is to meet others interested in the Law of Attraction & the Teachings of Abraham - The Science of Deliberate Creation and Manifesting . This group would be a good fit for anyone interested in what they have learned from the movie "The Secret" . This is a manifesting and discussion group intended to help support each other in manifesting our hearts desires. We get together and watch thought provoking, inspiring movies as well as gather for dinner and conscious conversations. If you have found this group through a random search, then you probably have attracted it to you so come and learn what and who the universe wants you to meet. In our group, it's all about creating moments of JOY! <br>

The group has been open for 14 years however in September 2020 it is going private. Anyone interested in joining will have to request to join. See you on the inside. Lydia