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Abuja RUG is a community of R users both from the industry and academia. The community encompasses users at all skill levels based in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria. We meet to learn, mentor and discuss R-related topics and to promote the use of R.

Our mission is build a strong community of Data Science, AI and ML professional and academics using R in Abuja through collaboration, mentorship seminars, training and conferences.

Experienced Academics and Professionals volunteer in webinars, seminars and classes to help, teach and mentor upcoming Researchers, Data Scientist, Data Analytics.

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Structural Equation Modelling With Lavaan in R

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In the "Structural Equation Modelling with lavaan in R" webinar, you will learn how to use the lavaan package in R to conduct structural equation modeling. The webinar will cover the basics of SEM, including path analysis. You will learn how to specify models in lavaan syntax and interpret the results of your analyses. By the end of the webinar, you will have the skills you need to use lavaan to build and test your own SEM models.

Non-linear Dynamical systems (Chaos- Butterfly Effect) using R Rescheduled

Chaos theory describes the qualities of the point at which stability moves to instability or order moves to disorder. For example, unlike the behavior of a pendulum, which adheres to a predictable pattern a chaotic system does not settle into a predictable pattern due to its nonlinear processes. Chaos theory has been used to explain irregularities in lightning, clouds, and, on another scale, stars and blood vessels. It helps us to understand turbulence found in all forms, including fluids. Weather patterns are a perfect example of Chaos Theory.

In this session, Abhirup's talk will be focusing on Non-linear Dynamical systems (Chaos- Butterfly Effect)

And how he has used the R programming environment to execute this kind of robust simulation.

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Non-linear Dynamical systems (Chaos- Butterfly Effect) using R

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