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Analytics.CLUB (http://analytics.club/) is world’s largest volunteer led data analytics community. We are all motivated and tasked to create a friendly, information sharing community for local talent pool. We also support our strong offline community with online tools to improve engagement and create deep networks so we all could learn from each other. Professionals (from Fortune 100 Chief Analytics Officers to Leading Business Analysts), join #AnalyticsCLUB to help build a strong and vibrant data analytics community. You are welcome too!

Here are some useful links:

AnalyticsCLUB Online: https://analytics.club (http://analytics.club/)

Artificial Intelligence Career Coach TAO (https://tao.ai/): https://tao.ai (https://tao.ai/)

Community Guidelines:

Analytics.CLUB Meetup follows Meetup.com's Use of Platform (http://www.meetup.com/terms/) guidelines, as well as our own Community Guidelines (https://analytics.club/community-guidelines/). We expect all members to respect each other acknowledge these at all times. Should you have any concern, please contact us at info@Analytics.CLUB Thank you.

About our community:

Founded in 2013, Analytics.CLUB is the largest and fastest growing data analytics club in the world. Designed by data scientists for data analytics professionals, our community supports and empowers STEM networks, brings analytics to the 99%, and offers educational and career opportunities. Our members join online and offline meetups to promote brand/mission awareness, share resources, and hire talent.

Here is a video of why we created Analytics.Club.


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