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Welcome to Academy of Reiki! Come join us for fun-filled inspirational events that help you to expand your intuitive abilities, learn new healing techniques, connect with great like-minded individuals, and more! Whether you are already a Reiki Master or have just heard of Reiki before, you are welcome!

We also have Merkaba Reiki™ Certification Courses which allow the student to become a Merkaba Reiki™ practitioner.

Merkaba Reiki™ is an innovative healing modality that was developed exclusively by the Academy of Reiki. It encompasses the Merkaba, which is the toroidal energy field that is around all living things. Merkaba Reiki™ accesses the different layers of the body, mind, and spirit through this field, allowing for deeper and faster healing and balancing. This unique Energetic Method transcends time and space, allowing the practitioner to administer a complete session in 15 minutes.

There is always an energy blessing for all who show up to our meetings. We look forward to meeting you!

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ArcAngel Afternoon with ArcAngel Ariel

Online event


I have found that it is such fun to play with angels, especially when I am thinking of things I want to do. Sometimes I think there are a lot of steps or activities I have to do before I'm going to be able to play with what I want—a lot of struggle—but the angels want us to know that when we connect with them, they are able to easily do activities for our benefit. As we delegate to the angels, we will find that we are able to again just focus on the things that are fun to do.

For this ArcAngel Afternoon, we're going to be playing with the power of angels again. Last month ArcAngel Michael did such an amazing job resetting the year and wiping out the mundane and dread of upcoming projects by changing them to joy, lightness and fun. During the meditation, ArcAngel Michael asked us to imagine our calendar on a table before us and notice the things that didn't feel fun when we thought of doing them. He then, with his arm and a huge smile just wiped the calendar clean. I could actually see his beautiful arm just totally going across the table as if it never existed. From that place of a clean slate, there is such a sense of opening, peace and even anticipation to now play and plan for the year. From that new vantage place, we were then able to choose what felt joyful and fun to plan. (The next day I heard about an attendee having the best night's sleep after ArcAngel Michael's help.)

So this afternoon we will be focusing again on playing with the angels to incorporate wonderful ways to receive more joyfully. The angel that wants to help us this month is ArcAngel Ariel. ArcAngel Ariel is great at manifesting physical things from the heavens. Now that we are closer to springtime, where there's a prolific growth happening in all of nature, she wants us to be a part of good things materializing for us too in nature's way, prolific, beautiful and from the heavens to us.

Join us for time of getting to better know our heavenly angels, the archangels, and how to easily and joyfully create using their assistance in endless material ways.

The class price is $44

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