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Welcome to Academy of Reiki! Come join us for fun-filled inspirational events that help you to expand your intuitive abilities, learn new healing techniques, connect with great like-minded individuals, and more! Whether you are already a Reiki Master or have just heard of Reiki before, you are welcome!

We also have Merkaba Reiki™ Certification Courses which allow the student to become a Merkaba Reiki™ practitioner.

Merkaba Reiki™ is an innovative healing modality that was developed exclusively by the Academy of Reiki. It encompasses the Merkaba, which is the toroidal energy field that is around all living things. Merkaba Reiki™ accesses the different layers of the body, mind, and spirit through this field, allowing for deeper and faster healing and balancing. This unique Energetic Method transcends time and space, allowing the practitioner to administer a complete session in 15 minutes.

There is always an energy blessing for all who show up to our meetings. We look forward to meeting you!

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Free Reiki Energy Healing Sampler — Harmonizing and Balancing

** Please go to our website to register and the Zoom link will be emailed to you: https://www.academyofreiki.org/scheduling.html **

Experience the power of Reiki and shift into an empowered space of balance and clarity.

This guided meditation and Reiki Energy Healing session is a great opportunity for you to release the stresses of daily life and harmonize your mind and body, while receiving beautiful and high vibrational energy.

Suzanne will be taking you through the guided meditation while Pam, an experienced Reiki Master, will be sending the Reiki energy. Pam specializes in restoring the natural rhythm of the body for optimal wellness.

Reiki is an effective energetic technique that can promote wellbeing on all levels — physical, emotional, and mental. Reiki works on the biofield, the energy field around us that regulates our body and mind, to restore the body’s natural energy flow. With the stresses and demands of modern life, many people’s biofields are out of balance, which can manifest as physical and emotional issues. Reiki energy means “universal life force energy,” and it can give the body and mind the “energy boost” it needs to return to a state of balance and wellbeing.

This is a great opportunity to experience the energy that Pam normally offers in private paid sessions.

This event will be on Zoom. Participants can have video and audio turned off, and you can still comment in the chat box.

**Please arrive within 5 min of the event start time as the event will be closed to incoming participants after that.

Daughters of Earth - A 6-week Class

Needs a location


** Please register and pay here: https://academyofreiki.org/scheduling.html **

The time of the Goddess is here. The Goddesses would like to help you create your world anew from the inside out through grace, ease and pleasure.

This special class will call in the energy and support of the great Goddesses such as Lakshmi, Isis, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, White Buffalo Calf Woman, plus others. Each week, we will be tuning into our greatness with the help of the Goddesses and all of Heaven to rediscover the brilliant Goddesses within us.

This class is for you if you are interested in embodying your inner power as a Goddess and experiencing your life from a wonderful space of loving, allowing and receiving.

Topics by Week:

1. Playing with the Dimensions Using Heaven — Getting to know and joyfully use your personal support team which includes the Goddesses, elementals, Angels and other Heavenly beings for all Earthly things.

2. Connecting to Heaven Through Nature — The spectrum of the Heavenly realm into the physical demonstrates itself through nature. It's Heaven's way of showing us glimpses of the Heavenly landscape here on earth. This week, we will be connecting to the magic of nature by tuning into the elemental queendom — the nature spirits of trees, flowers and foliage such as fairies, gnomes and sprites.

3. How Great Thou Art — Self-love, accessing the "wholeograph", tapping into the endless Heavenly well for receiving all supply, knowing yourself as the beautiful one creating the earth from now on, and connecting to the “I am” of the feminine.

4. Experiencing Harmony of the Dynamic Body — Connecting to your personal spirit to create and balance your physical body.

5. Receiving Heaven's Supply as Fun and Pleasurable Money and Opportunities — Whether you choose to receive through business/career or just through intentions, you will learn how to enjoy the process of receiving your creations of materialized money.

6. Connecting with Other Humans & Shifting "History" Timelines for the Betterment of our Earth — Successfully connecting to others in intimate, family, social and business relationships through self-fullness. This week will also take you to the dimensional awareness beyond time/space to reset and create Herstory. As Goddesses you will experience how powerful you can be in the world from your personal intention and how fun and easy it is to create the entire World anew from this awareness.

Class Information:

This "playshop" will be in person in Orange County, CA (location TBA).

Schedule: Thursdays from July 15 – August 19, 2021 | 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Class fee: Early Bird $150 until July 1, 2021 (Please use coupon code DEEARLY). Regular Price $200.

Please register and pay here: https://academyofreiki.org/scheduling.html

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