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I am a licensed speech/language therapist with twenty years of experience and specialize in accent reduction therapy. The sound system of your native language has been deeply ingrained, making it difficult to "interpret" the new sounds and rhythm patterns of a new language or dialect. Classes will address hearing (and seeing and feeling) the differences between incorrect and correct American English pronunciation, exercises to improve sound errors, intonation and grammar, fun in-class practice activities, and suggested carryover assignments. When you improve your speech, you increase your confidence, and enhance your chances for success, both professionally and socially.


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Professional Communication Improvement Class/Speech, Voice, Accent

There will be a group class starting on June 2. The price is $435 and the class will be limited to 4 people. It's a great opportunity to improve your English, learn strategies for enhancing communication in person and online, gain confidence, and do something good for yourself! Contact me with any questions at all. Judy https://www.accentjweinman.com/group-classes/ https://www.accentjweinman.com/contact/

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