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Welcome to the Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE). We are a long running Agile meetup group linking up Agile practitioners around London with some of the best and most creative speakers, thinkers and doers the community offers.

Since we started in 2012 we have been passionate about providing a free space for people to learn, share ideas, seek support and connect with each other.

Based in London, our simple philosophy and approach to meetup groups have inspired 6 chapters across the US.

As a Scrum Alliance affiliated group you can earn SEUs towards your Certified Scrum Practitioner certification by attending our events.

Helen Meek, Benjamin Cooke & Vlad Mihailescu

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A spoonful of sugar: harnessing language to achieve team goals

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About the session:
The words we use, internally and externally, change how we feel, how we see and interact with our teams, and what we get back from the people we work with.
We may not realise the effect we have when speaking to others and ourselves - but the way we communicate can change our brain structure: every interaction we have alters our neural makeup and affects how we think and communicate afterwards!
If we want our teams to move towards accountability, we need to give them the tools to be able to frame their goals, choices and outcomes more healthily, and more effectively, and we need to set the example by embracing those tools ourselves. In this talk we’ll take a closer look at ways we use language and explore some simple exercises you can practice to change the words you use, improve your personal and team outcomes and propel you towards where you want to be.

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of the differences between, and impact of, our automatic ways of framing goals
  • Insight into the impact of our thoughts on our behaviour, choices and outcomes
  • An effective way of re-framing criticism and dealing with self sabotage / imposter phenomenon

About the Speaker:
Ceri is an organisational archaeologist. Gently dusting away the outer layers, she helps teams and leaders find what's beautiful and hidden, helps them clean it up and then proudly put it on display, for everyone to see.
She's an ex-teacher, a qualified coach, a certified and experienced agile professional / nerd with just under a decade of hands-on experience. She’s also a trainee neuroscientist and enjoys putting research into practice with colleagues, agile coaches, technical leadership and her teams. She has worked in the public and private sector, with large organisations, SMEs and start-ups, and now coaches and trains agile teams and agile professionals looking to improve their ways of working.
Tea in-hand, she loves helping fellow professionals focus on, and make real strides with individuals and their interactions. Favourite pastimes include creating lightbulb moments, turning assumptions on their heads, and reading literally everything in front of her (because ADHD). Ceri also loves brains, but not in *that* way.

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