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What we’re about

As the name implies, the mission of the ACE: East is to exchange ideas, inspiration, and tools to build skill and support the leadership development of those in the discipline of Agile Coaching.
Topics covered monthly will align in one or more areas of The Agile Coaching Competency Framework

  • Lean Agile Practitioner
  • Professional Coaching
  • Facilitating
  • Teaching
  • Mentoring

Or one of the mastery areas:

  • Technical
  • Product/Business
  • Transformation

Our philosophy is:

  • Learning new things as a community
  • Connecting people so that they can collaborate & work together in the future
  • Providing a place for people to seek support
  • Exchanging coaching skills and experiences
  • Developing new concepts collaboratively
  • Developing ideas that will support the discipline of coaching & Agile
  • Having fun & sharing ideas

If you have a session that you would like to share with our community, please do get in touch.
ACE: East is a sister group to ACE: West and inspired by ACE: London with the aim of a cross continental exchange and collaboration whenever possible.
We look forward to seeing you soon!
Charles Cain, Jim Byers, Jessica Katz, and Kris Sellers, Co-Organizers