Body + Bits = Build, 3D printing for Surgical Innovation;

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Rapid prototyping is a digital design and fabrication process where 3D objects are 'drawn' using computer‐aided design (CAD) software and 'built' using additive layer manufacturing technology. 3D printing is an example of this fabrication method as the object is constructed from successive layers of source material.

Rapid prototyping of anatomical regions of interest (ROI) sourced from CT and MRI scans differs from manufacturing applications. Whereas engineers design parts and assemblies using CAD software, anatomical models are already designed by nature and must be segmented using 2D and 3D image processing techniques. In effect, the anatomical ROI must be subtracted from the medical imaging data before it can be additively manufactured.

We have established a 3D printing and visualization lab to promote surgical innovation through the rapid prototyping of anatomically accurate models derived from CT and MRI patient datasets. Our research will determine the optimal medical imaging algorithms and fabrication techniques utilizing imaging informatics and advanced 3D printer technologies.

Our lab’s fundamental goal is to translate this research into standard practice for surgical planning, education, simulation, and use.

While there will be light refreshments available, feel free to "brown bag" it and bring in food from the outside to eat during the social hour.

Speaker Bio:

Nigel M. Parsad, MS is a Research Scientist at NorthShore University HealthSystem’s Center for Biomedical Research Informatics (CBRI).

Mr. Parsad is the principal software architect of the 3D stereoscopic, virtual surgery research project. Mr. Parsad concurrently manages CBRI’s 3D Visualization “FabLab” where he creates virtual and anatomically accurate models of patient anatomy using 3D printers and imaging. Three of his models have been used by NorthShore surgical teams for surgical planning and reference in the operating room.

He is also responsible for the prototyping, deployment and operation of related high performance computing and immersive telepresence display devices for surgical research.

Mr. Parsad joined NorthShore in 2011 after serving as the Research Systems Analyst at the Department of Surgery and Computation Institute at the University of Chicago, where he developed and implemented original data discovery algorithms for medical visualization.

He has been a contributing author on a variety of peer-reviewed publications describing research in medical imaging and biomedical informatics. Mr. Parsad earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University, and both his MS in Cosmo Chemistry and MS in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.