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ACM Chicago is a non-profit professional group that meets regularly to discuss diverse topics in computer science such as predictive analytics, applied machine learning, statistical modeling, open data, and data visualization, user experience, user research, and artificial neural networks. Meeting topics are varied and range from tutorials on basic concepts and their applications, to success stories from local practitioners and academic students, to discussions of tools, new technologies, and best practices. All are welcome to attend, to meet others, and to present their work.

ACM Chicago is powered by the Chicago ACM Professional Chapter (http://www.chicagoacm.org/), and the Chicago CHI ACM Chapter (https://www.chicagochi.org/)of ACM.org (https://acm.org). Interested in helping out? Reach out to our organizers or our ACM Local Program (http://local.acm.org).

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Navigating the Complexity of ML Production: Insights and Lessons Learned

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Our April 5th Speaker, Atul Dhingra, will present his insights into the Machine Learning (ML) model lifecycle in production. The talk covers various aspects of ML Operations that go into making a successful model deployment, from the inception of a problem to making it production ready.

The talk will also discuss closing the loop between data distribution drift between training and inference time. By the end of the talk, the audience will gain useful insights into how to scale and accelerate the velocity of large production models in a cost-effective way.

About the Speaker:
Atul Dhingra is an Engineering Manager at Standard AI where he works on autonomous checkout powered by Computer Vision and AI.

He has a combined experience of over 10 years in industry and academia working on advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to solve complex problems in the domain of Autonomous checkout, autonomous vehicles, and Biometrics.

He has played a vital role in building large-scale cutting-edge machine-learning production systems.

(Times are Central Time)
6:00pm - brief intros
6:05pm - Presentation by Atul Dhingra
6:45pm - Q&A
7:00 pm - end

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The Non-protoplasmic Sentience Driving DABUS

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