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What we’re about

Single/Attached/Married/Separated/Divorced – Designed for everyone!!

Are you single? – Would you like to better understand why you are having trouble finding the right partner?

Are you attached? – Would you like to better understand your partner and your relationship?

Are you separated/divorced? – Would you like to better understand what happened and how you can keep it from happening in the future?

Have you ever found yourself repeating the same unhealthy patterns in all of your relationships, each time hoping for different results?

Wouldn't it be great to HAVE “A Conscious Partner”?

Wouldn't it be even better to BE “A Conscious Partner”?

How do we get “CONSCIOUS”?

With A Conscious Partner -The Conscious Quest on Zoom!

Bruce Dougherty and Dr. Gisèle Tenant have been developing a fun, interactive and affordable way for people of all ages to develop their awareness and communication skills.

Skills that will benefit people of any gender, all ages and in every relationship, whether it is romantic, work, family or friends.

A Conscious Partner is FUN!

This is information that is so important to anyone and everyone, yet it isn’t clinical.
(It’s designed so that the sports loving guy will have fun too!)

A Conscious Partner is AFFORDABLE!
Free Events include:
Do I Love Myself? / Attachment Style / Core Values / What is Love? & Explore my Personality!
6 Week Programs are just $149 CAD (approx.$120 USD)

A Conscious Partner is RELEVANT!
We will discuss topics that impact your life EVERY day and we will create Aha moments that will change your life.

Please read our reviews!!

Do you know your Attachment Style?
How about your Core Values?
Your Emotional Triggers?
Conscious Communication?
Are you a People Pleaser?
Always dating the Narcissist? (Maybe we should find out why!!)
We have 70 different events and the Foundation events are FREE!

If you are interested in developing your awareness and communication skills, join us. It just might change your life!
Come join us and try it out! :)

Bruce Dougherty
Dr. Gisèle Tenant
A Conscious Partner

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