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You have found the right place to learn how to make money investing in Real Estate.
Learn how property management is the key to make you financially independent through Real Estate.
Find the secrets of those that have successfully made their fortunes via Real Estate Investing, flipping houses and fixing houses.
Learn how to maximize your profits with rental real estate and lease options!
Discover how to protect your wealth once you attain it!
Explore the many possibilities that Real Estate Investing offers when it comes to tax strategies that will make you wealthy.

OPM - Learn how to use Other People's Money to accumulate a fortune over time Avoid the many pitfalls that typical "landlords" fall into when they don't have the - knowledge to profit from opportunities disguised as problems Are You Ready To Join ACRE?

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Have/Wants Exchanger Meeting

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Have-Wants Exchanger Meeting

Here is what you missed at the last meeting

Investors with Money to Lend looking for borrowers

(And you though money was hard to find)

Investors with Properties to Sell looking for buyers

(And you thought deals were hard to find)

Investors looking for properties

(Wholesalers - get their contact information and build your list)

Experienced Investors looking to trade informal mentoring for manual labor

Investor looking to trade ammunition for basement furniture

Investors looking to sell chainsaws, snow blowers, and other implements of destruction

An Investor looking to get rid of large rocks offers them for free to anyone who can take them out.

Imagine what you might accomplish if you attended the Have Wants exchanger Meeting

See you there

What is a Have Wants Exchanger Meeting

The Most important meeting you are probably not attending

You’ve heard the story about the Canadian who traded a paperclip for a house, right? (No? Here’s the Wikipedia Page about it).

People have used trading to exchange a used car for an option on a house, a free and clear house for a better house with a mortgage, a time share for a note, and dozens of other examples.

It sounds pretty sophisticated and advanced…until you understand that all you’re really doing in finding out what other people want, getting it for them, and profiting in the process.



Passive Investor Focus Group

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Passive Investor Focus Group

Are you interested in investing in Real Estate but do not want all of the hassles associated with Property Management, Tenants, Contractors, and Employees?

Do you have a job or profession that you enjoy and do not want another one?

If this sounds like you then you should know that there are many ways to invest in real estate that do not require the day to day participation of the investor.

If this type of investment interests you, then you need to attend this Focus Group, hosted by ACRE of Pittsburgh’s Executive Director, Ed Benz where we will be discussing the different ways that an investor can get passively involved in real estate and answering any questions that you may have.

Like all ACRE focus groups, this one is for members only

To register for this group please click the following link


New Investor Focus Group

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New Investor Focus Group

The purpose of this group, run by Phil Ciarrocchi, is to provide a space where folks new to the business can ask basic questions (“What’s a quit-claim deed? Why would a seller sell a $100,000 for $30,000?) AND get feedback on deals they’re considering doing.

If you have a deal you'd like reviewed, please bring all the details you can; otherwise, bring your questions and listen in as others get theirs answered, too!

Like all ACRE focus groups, this one is for members only

To register for this Focus Group, click the following link:


Create a Credibility Kit to Get Real Estate Funding (Online Workshop )

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NOTE: To register for this workshop, you MUST go to www.acrepgh.org and register! Telling us here that you plan to be there won’t get you the link!
We all want more access to private money, bank lines of credit, and partners to fund rehabs, rentals, notes, and other assets…
But very few of us bother to do the thing that’s proven to work, but which takes some understanding that most real estate entrepreneurs don’t have.
If you’ll put together a detailed, convincing credibility kit, and put it into the hands of people with money, you’ll be amazed at the access you get to funding!
And no, you don’t have to be an experienced investor, or have tons of assets, or a degree in real estate to develop a credibility kit that will put you head and shoulders above your so-called ‘competitors’ where it comes to getting the funding you need.
In this detailed, 6-hour online workshop, you’ll find out:
· Why there’s more to consistently, easily getting funding for deals than just “Filling out the FNMA form”, and your credit score, and all the things you think about when you think “loan application”: it’s also about you, and your business plan, and making the lender understand your vision
· How credibility kits set you apart from every other investor asking for money
· Everything you should include to make private lenders, bankers, partners, and other money people take you seriously, whether you’re brand new to the real estate business or an old pro
· How you can make your credibility kit look professional for not much cost
· When and how to use it
Your instructor is Robert Mohon, past president of Real Estate Investors of Nashville (REIN), multi-decade veteran of the credit industry, and an “Ender” who’s borrowed millions of dollars to buy dozens of houses using exactly the technique he’s sharing in this workshop.
But wait, there’s more…EVERYONE WHO REGISTERS gets:

  1. A template kit with a list of documents and information to include (which you can modify for your particular situation
  2. An easy-to-use excel spreadsheet that lets you keep all of your important numbers in the same place, and update them for the next time you need to borrow money
  3. Recordings of the class for your library
    Here’s the best news of all: it’s CHEAP, and GUARANTEED.
    Get all the details and register for your link at www.acrepgh.org!

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