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What we’re about

Active, mature, single, Seattle-region people gathering for widely diverse activities. Among events our group may schedule are: park walks, museum visits, cultural and music festivals, picnics, meals and beverages at locally-owned businesses, concerts, talks, movies/theater performances, live music in parks, trivia nights, short lessons/workshops taught by members or others, hikes, kayaking/canoeing, sports events, regional road trips, and more.

We strive to be inclusive, kind, and considerate to each other. Please ensure that you ask permission before taking photos of other members or posting them online. Please do not contact anyone you have not met for purposes other than communicating for group activities.

All potential and current members: Please include a recent photo of your own face (minus others in the pic.) It really helps in recognizing people gathering in public locations. If it's an old pic we may miss each other. If you wish to upload or change the pic you submit or submitted in the past, please see these instructions:

If all members, would please go to Settings and enable messaging from organizers and members (who may also be leading activities) it would help greatly in communications around gatherings. [Click on the down arrow beside your photo to begin, Settings, then Privacy.] Under the same category you can also choose to show your other Meetup groups or share your interests by checking "Show interests on profile." Thank you!

Dues for yearly membership are $5, donated in person to the primary organizer. Without both your dues and participation this group cannot exist. It costs $218 a year to simply pay the Meetup site to host the group, along with time spent researching and planning events.

[Until the Covid-19 pandemic has been deemed and declared to have become fully endemic, at all gatherings we will follow scientifically-recommended best practices, based upon current local and regional health statistics, to maintain the health and safety of our attending members.]

Any person without good reason to do so who no-shows twice (fails to go to an event to which they said yes for an RSVP) without prior notice or post-event communication with the event organizer may be removed from the group. It takes considerable time and effort to plan some events and it's simply an inconsiderate thing to do.

Thank you, and your organizer and fellow group members look forward to meeting you soon!

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