Price: $20.00 /per person
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This 45-minute session breaks the mold of conventional exercise programs. It is a blend of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, body stabilization and core development using dynamic body movements to transform the body and maximize calorie burning - during AND hours after the workout. Any given workout can utilize kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes, dumbbells, TRX, sandbags, and whatever else we can find employing a timed-interval format.

It's a challenging workout where all levels of fitness are welcome to participate. If the body is not challenged it will not transform. That said, we do not expect you to be in great shape when you first attend. Heck, that's why we put this program together in the first place! It's that kick in the butt you've been waiting for. So, work to your own ability and challenge yourself.Welcome to a fun exercise program that you will love to hate that will improve your fitness and help you change the shape of your body!


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