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Promoting safe, responsible canine hiking in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and the District of Columbia! For anyone who enjoys hiking with dogs the DC metro area is a great place to explore. We hike trails in VA, MD, WV & DC. We try to have something here for every activity and fitness level but we do tend to lean towards a little more on the active rough-terrain side and away from strolls down paved trails. Most of our events are day hikes, but we'll have some over-nighters thrown in there too for the dog and owner who enjoy camping or backpacking. We also have on-leash and off-leash hikes to satisfy different puppy needs! We welcome new members to surf our site, check out our calendar or browse our dog hiking tips found in the link below; we hope you enjoy. And to our regular members, we'd like to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to you for your support and friendship! Let's get out there and make a good impression as responsible K-9 owners and show the Northern Virginia and Washington Metropolitan area what it means to be 'trail dogs'!

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