Past Meetup

Short, easy hike - Theodore Roosevelt Island


Just a last minute invitation for a short hike close to DC, because it looks like Saturday will be our last beautiful day before the heat and humidity close in again.

This is a very pleaseant, low key, quite easy walk on mostly level ground all the way around the island. It takes about 1 hour (can be longer if people want to explore a bit). Enjoy some wooded trails and a boardwalk over the wetland. It's a nice place to know about if you're not already familiar with it. Be prepared for mosquitos particularly in the wetland area. Leashes required but there are a few places where dogs who are so inclined can go into the river to splash around a bit

We'll leave the parking lot near 10 AM, so anyone arriving later should just try to catch up. Cross the bridge, turn right and at the first fork go to the right down the dirt path instead of following the main gravel track. On the map shown here, we will be taking the outer-most trail (called the Swamp Trail). You can find the trail map at

Please give yourself extra time to find a parking spot because parking is limited and it's likely to be a bit crowded. Most people stay on the main trail, though, so it shouldn't be so crowded walking...