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Meet with other local Active Dogs Lovers. Make friends with other dog owners and let your dogs make new friends. Share pet tips, find sitters, & meet other dogs with whom your canine can frolic
All those who enjoy taking their dogs out gather to share information on local dog-friendly places and meet other dog owners! We will also schedule dog happy hours, dog hikes, dog play times, etc. Please only friendly people with well-socialized and friendly dogs should join. We look forward to our next function and Bogie and I are always open to taking a dog walk, play time, doggie happy hour, hike, swim, or run with anyone almost any time. Just send us an e-mail. Please also let me know if you hear of any dog events and want us to schedule any. Partying with your dog is a whole different dimension! The natural affection of man's best friend is infectious, and always makes for a good time! Hang with people who share in the friendly, loyal virtues of our canine buddies. Come make a friend, for yourself, and your dog!

Robbie Susan and Bogie

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MusicalJam&accompany Ukelele members w U instrument/voice/dance/enjoy w U dog

We will have a fun & bonding treat of a musical jam together Two fab members: Melissa & Michelle will make us feel good with their gift of music, fun & getting to jam with them if you want with your instrument, your voice or dance to the music or just listen & enjoy. So our fab musicians will gift us with their singing & ukelele playing on Tuesday September 29 & you can accompany them with your instrument & thus get to jam with them &/or sing with them or if you enjoy music but don't play an instrument nor sing like me, you can dance or just listen & enjoy their music with your dog. And if you want to practice the songs they're doing in advance with your instrument or voice: here are some songs on their playlist: Fireflies by Owl City, Rip Tide by Vance Joy & imagine by John lennon So don't miss out on this fun & bonding jam on which you can accompany our fab singing ukelele players with your instrument &/or voice or just enjoy & listen to music while not singing out loud but to yourself with them or dance to the musici& bond & join us in our fun & harmonious jam together with our dogs on Tuesday, September29. So let's learn to jam together &/or sing together &/or dance or just listen & enjoy the fun music & afterwards, laugh & converse & discuss the music & fun & possible future jam ideas. Hope to enjoy with U on September 29 (fun& bonding virtual musical jam with your accompanying instrument &/or voice or just listen to the music & enjoy &/or get some feel good exercise of dancing with your dog) &***if we're lucky also on Sept30 Fembclub MustRead &candid&rivetingHard2putDown Memoir "Inside Out" by Demi Moore &/or Oct 1 Fun&Bonding Stitch&Bitch with your dog&/or Oct3 not2beMissed gem Roosevelt island hike free Parking&water with our dogs &/or Oct20Nonfictio Bclub CaptivatingDelightfulExquisitely Writte MesmerizingCritically AcclaimedMustRead Memoir,"The Library Book" by Susan Orleans &/or Oct28 FemBclubCriticallyAcclaimed InsightfulWittyUnforgettable GrippingDistinctive&Unique VoiceEvocativeBrilliantlyWritten with Propulsive&OriginalProse EngrossingPoignant& EnthrallingHardToPutDown HistoricalFctionNovel "Daisy Jones & The Six" by Taylor Jenkins Reid.** Cheers Robbie Susan & Bogie

Femdoglovers VirtualWWBookclub "Inside Out" by Demi Moore &UDog

Female doglovers(no prejuduce to our fab male doglovers as wingwomen's all female)&their dogs are invited to join my wingwomen(WW) bclub.We're having another fun&fascinating WWbclub&happy on Wed., September30 at 7.We'll meet virtually using Zoom&discuss the critically acclaimed (Best Book of Year:NewYorker, Guardian,Sunday Times,DailyMail,GoodMorning America,SheReads) deeply candid,intimate, reflective,engrossing,poignant,& enthralling memoir "InsideOut" by DemiMoore. Famed actress DemiMoore tells her story in a surprisingly intimate&emotionally charged memoir.Moore has been synonymous with celebrity;from iconic film roles to high-profile relationships,Moore has never been far from the spotlight or headlines.Even as Demi was becoming the highest paid US actress,she was always outrunning her past, just one step ahead of doubts& insecurities that defined her childhood.Throughout her rise to fame&during some of her most pivotal moments,Demi battled addiction,body image issues,& childhood trauma that would follow her for years—all while juggling a skyrocketing career& at times negative public perception. As her success grew, Demi found herself questioning if she belonged in Hollywood, was a good mother, a good actress & simply good enough.As much as her story's about adversity, it's also about deep resilience. In this candid &reflective memoir, Demi pulls back the curtain & opens up about her career & personal life—laying bare her tumultuous relationship with her mother, marriages, struggles balancing stardom with raising a family, & journey toward open heartedness. Inside Out is a story of survival, success, & surrender—a wrenchingly honest portrayal of one woman’s at once ordinary & iconic life. We'll discuss this book while enjoying a virtual happy.We'll have a fabulous time,be stimulated,enjoy wonderful company,friendship&bond-all in one evening!Hope to see you on Sept30&if I'm lucky also on Sept22CoedFictionBclub ImportantClassicNovel "InvisibleMan" by RalphEllison. See reviews: "Enthralling.” NPR “To Moore’s great credit,she tells her story frankly but also with dignity, tact &generosity toward important people in her life. This discretion is emblematic of a memoir that's sometimes shocking but never salacious.… The actress in person proves to be very much like the woman on the page: thoughtful, questioning, at times openly insecure, but also forthright. Is it OK that I’m here? along with How did I get here? If the book's intended as an answer, it’s a good & strong one.”WallStreetJournal “A candid personal narrative, in which Moore fills in not only the details surrounding the most visible parts of her history … but the portions of her life that she once fought to protect…. It's surprising to see such self-revelation from any prominent Hollywood actress—let alone one with Moore’s particular accomplishments &setbacks.”NewYorkTimes “What you get from this book that you can’t get anywhere else isn’t the rags-to-riches story but the honest & arresting way she details her slow drift into a different kind of emotional poverty. She narrates, with the precision of a butcher’s knife, her divorces,addiction,& eventual isolation, but from this she pulls forth her most potent character yet: a fully formed, gives-no-fucks woman of wisdom.”Harper’sBazaar “I’ll say this for Moore: She’s got issues,& made mistakes ― but in this book, she owns them. Fiercely….You want juicy details? You certainly get them here….But you also get something you almost never find in a celebrity memoir: candor.”NewYorkTimesBookReview “I was surprised that what I liked about it wasn’t its gossipy revelations but the window it provided into the sensitive, reflective interiority of a woman who, for all her worldly success, has always been searching for self-acceptance. Moore writes, of this quest, “The truth is, the only way out is in.” It's a tribute to the psychological acuity of this book that I felt the earned honesty of these words deeply.”NewYorker

VirtualFun&BondingNot2beMissedStitch&Bitch withVirtualHappyhour&dogtalk&yourDog

What delves deep into your creativity, adds camaraderie&laughter&can also put you into a state of meditative relaxation? ...You end up with a beautiful self made scarf or sweater on your body or your dog's?! OUR NEW STITCHERY **(you can also come & do anything creative besides stitch like doodle, paint, craft & or share creative ideas & bitch & do so with your dog)**GROUP, OF COURSE 28thFun&Bonding& Meditative&Creative&Good for your Brain with a virtual happyhour & your dog can join us & perhaps make his own sweater LOL or help you by his support & company & perhaps the chewing of one of his bones & listen to you talk about him!!! Almost forgotten how to knit a stitch or crochet a chain,but want to get back into it again?Want to access your dormant creativity around a group of wonderful,fun-loving doglovers with no pressure?Wanna just sit around&talk&laugh while creating that scarf or sweater you've always wanted?You can also be a novice like me who knitted a little as a teenager as my grandmother was an expert stitcher..but I'm not sure I remember anything&one member who's a crotcher (She says she's not an expert..but she knows how&has created works)says she'll bring a crochet needle&yarn for me&teach me a little&you can learn with me if you want&if I have time,I'll get knitting needles&some yarn too.So let's try to stitch (be creative)together from beginners/novices to experienced-all welcome&we'll help each other,stitch,show off for those who can&share what you're making or thinking of making.We'll stitch or try& be creative while bonding&laughing & conversing about our dogs,stitching& enjoying a virtual happyhour.You can also just create in any format like doodle, color, craft, paint, etc.JOIN OUR GROUP!!Keep Us in Stitches!!&your dog can join us! Let's be creative in our love of dogs,knitting,crocheting&other stitchery crafts,while having fun getting to know one another &enjoying dog&stitch talk&good fun &bonding conversation. This is my 87th&I'm sure better take at a virtual gathering- something that doesn't come natural to an extrovert who needs&loves in person gatherings: but I actually enjoyed a lot my-our-prior few attempts at virtual& (&been told you all did as well-thankfully)I'll try to think of any ways to make this really friendly&thus feel like we're together in person &I think I might be getting decent at it&always accept/love to hear your ideas& desires too. Hope to see you on Thursday, October 1 for stitching &/or trying to stitch&being creative&bond&have fun during a happy with U dog too**&if we're lucky also on Sept28 not2 be missed & rewarding learn 2 meditate 2gther&get good health rewards: positivity&lower blood pressure & stress &improve sleep & energy&more &/or sept26 must see beautiful & historic reopened arboretum hike FreeParkingLots &/or Sept30 Fembclub MustRead &candid&rivetingHard2putDown Memoir "Inside Out" by Demi Moore** To make our virtual gatherings as wonderful&fun&stimulating as possible,please let me know any ideas U have &anything U want me 2do virtually for us &if U want 2teach or practice any expertise or skillset on us, i.e.,cooking or teaching your area of expertise,hobby or side business, i,e, finance & investing basics & how 2train dogs or cook a dish you love&or teach us yoga with our dogs;so share your ideas & virtual desires with me asap&if U have any exoertise or skillset U want 2 teach us.

ExploreBeautiful RooseveltIsland&SocialDistancing&ourDogs&ReopenedFreeParkingLot

The Coffee Bar & Roosevelt Island


We'll be limiting our size&practicing social distancing.Self care,including exercise&socializing,is important for us all.And as our event is outside&we don't have direct contact&are taking precautions,give yourself the needed gift of safe beautiful feel good exercise with our dogs&join us Saturday. October 3. Come join myself&Bogie in exploring&enjoying hidden gem of RooseveltIsland.We did this before&it was such fun,good exercise&beautiful that doglovers&dogs loved it&thus we have to do it again&several requested(&my dog Bogie who loved it last time&every time including getting to swim)we do so.We'll meet at TheCoffeeBar(TCB)at 12:10pm if you want to hike to Rooseveltisland with Bogie&I.Or you can meet us there on the Island's bridge at 125pm.We'll then enjoy a good calorie burning hike-just 3miles-to beautiful RooseveltIsland-definitely worth a visit;indeed,once I went to the Island,I right away started planning my next visit.The Island gives you a wonderful escape from DC's hustle.Once there,we'll explore the Island together&as it's shaded&surrounded by water, it's always been cool in temperature& a great gem to hike on a hot day.Your dog can swim&/or go off leash.You may bring a guest2 or 3&of course your friendly dog.We should return to TCB around 4ish or a bit before,We hope you join us on October 3 &if we're lucky also Sept26Beautiful&Historic mustsee Reopened Arboretum Hike &/or sept28 not2 be missed & rewarding learn 2 meditate 2gther&get gosept2ealth rewards: positivity&lower blood pressure & stress &improve sleep&energy&more &/or Sept30FemBclub fascinsting Demi Moore memoir "inside Out"** See below for info about this great escape from city hustle A footbridge connects the Island from the parking lot.Many consider the bridge a sign to relax as they're entering beautiful hidden gem of RooseveltIsland&can connect to nature&explore the Island.On the tree-filled isle,they stroll the curving dirt paths,pausing on boardwalk to watch blue herons&kingfishers in the swampy wetlands.The Island has an interesting past:as a NativeAmerican fishing village,the site of a 1790s mansion with ornamental gardens&a CivilWar-era UnionArmy training ground.The natural-looking landscape,where hikers sometimes spot frogs&even a fox,was designed by FrederickLawOlmstedJr in 1930s&40s.This wooded oasis offers 3 intersecting trails for walkers.The SwampTrail ambles near the shore through placid marshes.The Upland&Woods trails cut through the middle&lead to a 17foot statue of TheodoreRoosevelt.Despite the proximity to DC—you"ll feel like you're on a secluded retreat&connecting with nature.Thus take refuge on a secluded island . . . as we'll stroll the woodsy trails that loop around tranquil RooseveltIsland.As mentioned,NativeAmericans used the island as a makeshift fishing camp,but today the only full-time residents are deer,turkeys,foxes,eagles. It's a beautiful 88.5-acre island with a 17foot centerpiece statue shown below of former PresTheodoreRoosevelt.In 1930s landscape architects transformed Mason’sIsland from neglected,overgrown farmland into RooseveltIsland,a memorial to our 26th Pres.They conceived a 'real forest' designed to mimic natural forest that once covered the Island.Today miles of trails through wooded uplands&swampy bottomlands honor legacy of a great outdoorsman&conservationist. Dirs:Car:Drivers can only reach RooseveltIsland from northbound lanes of GeorgeWashingtonMemorial Pkway.After MemorialBridge,follow sign2turn right into parkingLot.

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