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Welcome to the Social Activities meetup group. Our last Wine and Cheese Soiree was such a blast, so we are doing it again! In the past, for those of you that know me, my Wine and Cheese parties have ALWAYS been so much fun! House parties seem to be a better atmosphere to meet new friends, since it is not as loud unlike a nightclub.

Guys are required to bring at least two "decent" bottles of wine. (there is no reason to drink cheap wine)

Gals are required to bring either cheese and crackers, chocolates or an appetizer.

If you bring guests they will need to bring wine (to help keep the wine flowing).

Note: In the past I have only required guys to bring one bottle, but this time we are requiring guys to bring 2 bottles each. Your guests will need to bring wine as well. We always run out of wine because the girls are bringing appetizers and not alcohol. There is no other cost for this event. If you walk into the party empty handed you will be removed and banned from rejoining this group. We don't like sponges.

Join me and some of our closest friends for an evening of good wine, music and great conversation.

You'll hate yourself if you miss this party!!!

Dress code is semi-casual/casual.

If you cannot attend please do not RSVP yes because you are taking a spot for someone that might want to attend.

Location will be at a beautiful private home in Point Loma and will be emailed out the morning of the event.

If you want to invite your friends, please reflect it on your RSVP.

DO NOT RSVP if you don't plan on attending. We hate flakers! No shows and maybe's will be banned and removed from our group.

This is a WINE Party, DO NOT show up with a 6 pack of beer.

Note: We are using plastic cups, so if you are a wine snob, feel free to bring your own glass. :)

Party On,

Daniel Lum