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Women with ADHD can finally meet face-to-face in our monthly meetings of the ADDiva Network. Don't be put off by the fact that the group is "private" - some of us are still in the closet about our ADD and we want to protect your privacy. But if you just fill out the brief ADD-friendly profile questions, we'll welcome you in almost immediately (hey, if you want to join a group of ADDivas, you probably are one!). The only folks we turn away are trying to sell us something like pills and other thrills that promise to enhance certain body parts...ick.

So, what are we all about here in ADDiva-land? Well, ADHD is different for women. Some of us aren't diagnosed until our children visit the psychiatrist or psychologist and we recognize the same traits in ourselves. Some of us suspect we have ADD but we've been afraid to admit it. Some of us are glaringly open about our ADD. And all of us are hungry to know that we're not alone. The ADDiva Network Meetup is the one place you can be EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE. Without apology. Without remorse. Without judgment. Period.

And while you can find online support groups (heck, there IS an online ADDiva support group!), it's nice to meet face-to-face every now and then. To look into someone else's eyes who understand how hard it is to finish projects and how embarrassed you are when you run late (constantly). We "get it." Trust me, we get it.

So jump on in and join us. We're the first of many new ADDiva Meetups that will spring up around the world, so you'll be making history! Welcome, Ms./Mrs./Miss ADDiva. Welcome home!

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