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What we’re about

Speakers of all languages meet up for fun conversation. We are proud to be the first group created in Abu Dhabi for Language & culture exchange. We started almost over 11 years ago, wow! how time flies!
We chat in different languages each session mixing native speakers of different languages. Each session is an opportunity for networking, meeting new friends, learning about new cultures over a cup of coffee, and have fun!
We love languages, learning about different cultures, socializing. Chating and having coffee.
What happens at our sessions?
Mixing native speakers from different languages, our aim is you can learn or improve your conversation skills for the language of your interest.
So depending on who comes each time, we will organize the tables according to Languages requirements. For example, if you are a native Arabic speaker wanting to learn or practice French, you will seat at a table to chat with a French speaker looking to learn or practice Arabic. All languages and nationalities are welcome to join.
We also host social night outs, dinners, weekends away, etc, etc. to everyone who wishes to join. Also we do our best to get wonderful benefits for our members. The most important: we want you to feel comfortable at our sessions, have fun and feel part of Abu Dhabi Speaks family :-D
So Yalla! take a note pad, a pen, or just yourself, come and start to talk. A new friend is waiting for you just there. Make sure you invite all your colleagues, friends, friends of friends, and whoever you see around to join this group, the more the merrier!