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What we’re about

Toronto Adult ADD Support Group (TAASG) is organised by and for adults with ADD/ADHD.

* Build self-esteem with the support, encouragement and social cheer of peers. 
* Meet other adults with ADD/ADHD.
* Share experiences, challenges, progress, solutions, goals, thoughts and feelings with peers. 
* Figure out Adult ADD/ADHD management tips and methods. 
* Get on the path to living a better life.

Occasionally, we will present professional guest speakers.

*NO partners, parents, and professionals who provide support through a product, service, publication or research project.

Your real first name is required to join the group. Please, no nicknames or initials; you will not be admitted to the group.

Our primary means of communication are Meetup and ZOOM.

TAASG is affiliated with ADHD Toronto. ADHD Toronto provides affordable courses and support for Adult ADHD.;
These are public pages. You are encouraged to post thoughts and memes. Please like us.