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I started this group back in August 2009 to get people to do adventures and outdoor activities with me. I guess we are all craving fun and adventure because the group took off like a rocket!!

Today we have an amazing team or organizers, and more and more people keep joining us to do more and more fun stuff. Everywhere I go I see great people meeting and making friends with great people.

We also do trips: international travel and local travel. If you are interested in group travel and finding traveling friends to have fun all over the world, you have found your group! We do amazing off the beaten path trips and adventure trips, and sometimes even some relaxing "drinking margaritas on the beach" type trips too.

So let's keep on having fun, let's see where it takes us, and let's see how much fun we can handle!!!

Here are some of the things we have done and will do. Let me know if you are itching to do anything here (or not here) and we’ll make it happen:

Bungee jumping


Hot air balloon


Rock Climbing

Mountain Biking

Go Kart

Trips all over the world


White water rafting

Car Camping



Horseback riding

Flying Trapeze

Shooting range

Skeet shooting


Flying lessons

Scuba diving


Swimming with sharks (yup, you read it right!)


Deep water fishing

Jet Ski





Kite surfing

Hang gliding

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Bike Ride from Marina del Rey to Redondo and LAX Airport & Lunch

Join us for a special beach bike ride where we will be riding on the beach bike path and the roads around the airport. We will be taking a 10 mile extension from Imperial Highway to LAX Airport riding at the back of the airport and along the north runway at LAX. This extension is at https://goo.gl/maps/z3xqjLEm4U82 IMPORTANT NOTE: This bike ride departs at 8:00AM. _________________________________________ QUALIFICATIONS: All bike riders are invited who are comfortable and experienced riding on the road and bike paths for 43 miles round trip at 12 miles per hour which is a moderate pace. This bike ride takes about 6 hours. You are required to wear a helmet to ride with our group. _________________________________________ MEETING PLACE AND TIME: Arrive at 7:30 AM to park your car and get ready for the ride. Meet Louis at 7:45 AM in the first row of Dock 52 parking lot for a safety talk and introductions. We will depart promptly at 8:00 AM. Louis' cell phone number is in the RSVP question. ___________________________ FREE PARKING: There is free parking at Dock 52 parking lot. For a map of Dock 52 and to get driving directions, click here: http://goo.gl/maps/8pJy5 ___________________________ We will be practicing social distancing and riding single file separated by at least 20 feet between bicycles and other riders. HEALTH CONCERNS: Please read "Everything you need to know about riding your bike during the COVID-19 outbreak" at https://www.bicyclecolorado.org/bike-news/covid/ Be sure you are in good health. Please do not join us if you are coughing, sneezing, have a sore throat, have breathing problems, or have a fever. If you have had any of these symptoms in the last week please do not come. Please bring hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes for your own protection. Wear a mask for extra protection. We must be extremely careful and respect distance between each other and the health of others. ___________________________ LUNCH: We will stop for a break at Quality Seafood Fish Market in Redondo Beach King Harbor at 130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. ___________________________ PLEASE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES: RSVP: If you can't come please change your RSVP to "No" so we are not waiting for you. BICYCLE: Make sure your bicycle is in good working condition with the tires properly inflated and the chain lubricated prior to the ride. RULES OF THE ROAD: Safety is always our first concern. Use standard hand signals (http://www.meetup.com/cyclegroup/pages/5_Hand_Signals_for_Bicycle_Rides/) for group rides and obey all traffic stops and signals. SPARE TIRE TUBES: You need to know how to change your own bicycle tire tubes if you get a flat tire. Please bring 2 spare tire tubes, levers, a small bicycle pump or CO2 cartridges to fill your tires with air once you change the bicycle tire tube. If you don't have spare tire tubes you might have to call a taxi to take you and your bicycle back to your car! MONEY: Please bring money for your lunch and taxi if necessary. BIKE LOCK: Do not leave your bicycle unlocked at any time. Please bring your own bicycle lock. HELMET: Please be advised that you are required to wear a helmet to ride with our group. WATER and FOOD: Please bring water to drink so you don't get dehydrated and food to eat, such as a protein bar, in case you get hungry. WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Please read this important disclaimer: This Meetup group, it's organizers and members take no responsibility for any injuries nor accidents that may occur during events. By joining this ride you take full responsibility for your own safety. Please ensure that you are in good health before participating and understand that there is risk involved in your participation. This Meetup group does not certify the qualifications of any of it's organizers or trip leaders, and they are not responsible for your safety. We are all just participants. ___________________________ This bike ride is crossposted.


DUE TO COVID-19, THIS TRIP HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO 2021. FOR FULL DETAILS, GO TO: https://www.1000treks.com/trips/the-south-american-wonders--the-amazon--iguassu-falls-and-rio- Let's go on an amazing South American adventure where we visit three South American countries, explore the largest rainforest in the world, see the largest waterfalls in the world, visit one of the world's most beautiful cities, and marvel at one of the Seven Wonders of the World. HIGHLIGHTS: - Visit THREE South American Countries: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. - Explore the mighty Amazon Jungle, the biggest rainforest in the world, including three days on a river jungle cruise and four days in an authentic jungle lodge deep in the jungle! - Visit and spend the night with a tribe of Amazon Indians. - Have the chance to see a variety of unique wildlife, including several different kinds of primates, sloth, Amazonian crocodiles, even jaguars and the biggest snakes in the world, anacondas! - Go fishing for piranhas and then have piranhas for dinner (that's right!). - Swim with the beautiful, unique Amazonian freshwater pink dolphins. That's right, we will not only see them but will SWIM WITH THEM IN THE WILD! - Take a panoramic flight over the Amazon jungle (optional). - Astound yourself as you gaze at the world's largest waterfalls and one of the Seven Wonders Nature, the majestic Iguassu Falls. We will see the falls from both the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side. - Explore one of the world's most famous and beautiful cities: Rio de Janeiro. - See the statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of the official Seven Wonders of the World. FOR FULL DETAILS AND TO SIGN UP, GO TO: https://www.1000treks.com/trips/the-south-american-wonders--the-amazon--iguassu-falls-and-rio-

Channel Islands Scuba Diving- Spectre Boat

Spectre Dive Boat


MAKE SURE TO CALL SPECTRE BOAT OR GO ON THEIR WEBSITE (http://spectreboat.com/) TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE WITH THEM. THEY FILL UP REALLY FAST. For our first Channel Island outing since COVID, we're going with one our favorites and one of the best in the SoCal: Spectre Dive Boat. Best food, awesome crew, very knowledgeable captain and a hot tub! Yup we love the Spectre. The hot tub might be closed because of COVID, but we'll see by then. You know the drill: we have to be at the boat at 6:30 AM. The boat leaves at 7:00 AM. Breakfast and lunch are serve on the boat. We should arrive at Channel Islands at around 9:00 AM. We'll do three dives probably at different sites and likely at different islands. We should leave at around 3:00 PM and be back by 5:00 PM They do have gear for rent. On their website you will see a link to request it. RSVP here but then go on the boat's website to book your spot. Make sure to do it ASAP. They do sell out VERY FAST. A bunch of people ended up left out for Catalina last weekend because they waited too long. http://www.spectreboat.com/ All right, see you all in the water!

California Fall Colors Photo Safari AND Glamping!!! Luxury Camping in Cabins!!

Fall Colors. In rest of the country . . .. a very big thing. People take weekend trips for them. For us . . . It's still around (in the city) . . . with subtlety. If you are willing to take a little trip to a lesser-known corner of the state . . . you can find it big-time. And this is what we are going to do. The Plan: We will use Cabins located at the Big Pine Lakes trailhead as our home base. This will be Glamping and not camping. No tent needed. No sleeping bag. Each person will get their own room (unless you are a couple and wish to share a bed). The cabins are event heated so you can be nice and toasty at night. There is a kitchen in the cabins, so there is no need to worry about cooking over a campfire. BUT . . . there are campfire pits and we will do that too. ATTENTION!!! This Fall Colors Glamping event is filled!!! https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/271811341/ The number RSVP'd on a does not reflect those attending.. The event is posted to several groups. Only paid attendees are attending. The payment links are removed. You may RSVP and thus be on the Alternates List. If there is a cancel you will get a message there is an opening and have the opportunity to join. Our events are of limited size and high quality and always do fill. And they do so well in advance. Often with people returning who know the quality events we offer. It's always best to check https://tr.im/MoreToExplore for the centralized current info The following three are full: Yosemite Aug 21 (totally full) Backpacking to Waterwheel Sep 27 (totally full) Fall Colors Glamping (totally full) These are currently open: Big Pine Lakes Labor Day Weekend Sept 4-7 (only about 20 spaces left) https://py.pl/73VoY Mt Whitney Training Oct 10 (about 8 spots left) https://tr.im/WhitneyOct10 Sequoia Oct 23-25 (about 30 left) https://py.pl/11N8I8 Easy Beach Camping Oct 30th About 30 opens left. https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/271870441/ Anza Slot Canyons Nov 27 (not yet announced on the group, plenty of space and time) https://tr.im/AnzaSlotCanyonsNov27 Great Southwest Caravan ( no limit ) https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/272078051/ We look forward to you joining us on adventures. If you have suggestions of events or locations please message or post. If you wish to be an event organizer or have an event, or event idea please send a message.

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