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  1. We are an Adventure bike group. We do dirt, gravel, water crossings and much more. If you do not have and adventure bike, this group is probably not for you!
  2. If you are not a patient person and can't stand to ride at group pace...DO NOT join this group*.*
  3. All paved rides are usually too tight and rough for most sport bikes or cruisers
  4. Alcohol and drugs. We don't want to police our group. Keep it to 1 drink at restaurant lunch stops and keep your drugs at home.
  5. **Leave your ego at home**
  6. Be prepared and self-sufficient
  7. Carry a GPS (know how to use it)or some sort of navigation app on your phone/map in case you get separated from group. We recommend (Ride with GPS)
  8. Know your limitations and abilities
  9. If you are not GPS savvy, buddy up with someone who is and learn
  10. Wear appropriate gear for adventure riding(waterproof boots or socks)
  11. Contribute to the group rides by offering to sweep, lead or organize/ride or sharing your knowledge of routs that could be added to existing rides. We are always looking for new dirt or amazing goat roads!


  •  We are an easy going, fun loving, non judgmental and lighthearted group of caring riders who want to have fun and share the passion of exploration while on an adventure bike.

  • We do multi day camping trips, day rides anywhere from 150 to 250 miles and occasional single track dirt biking.  We are all very caring and responsible riders who look out for one another and help out to the best of our abilities.  NO rider is ever left behind!

  •   We look forward to connecting with other adventure riders from all over, who share the same passion for adventure riding for a day or several days and enjoy life with new and old friends doing what we love to do.

  • We try to post what size bike and experience level is require for each ride. If its not posted please be sure to ask.


Where is your $30.00 a year going to?

  • Your annual membership costs remain at whatever they were when you joined the group.

  • Fees are to discourage non participating members from joining our group and assist with covering our expenses for the following:

  1. Monthly fees $35.00 per month
  2. My time to research and put it all together
  3. Group Banners
  4. Stickers
  5. Printing(maps, cue sheets, Itineraries)
  6. Pre-riding fuel expenses
  7. Routes
  8. Raffles
  9. Reservations
  10. Promotions


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