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My apologies for not having run any events for this group in like forever, and to those who applied for membership and have been ignored.  

I've only kept this group going because by paying for it (about $180/per year), it allows me to run two other meetup groups.  Those two groups are not listed as hiking or outdoor groups. 

I still sometimes post hikes and outdoor events, but I do so  for groups run by  other organizers.  One such group has a similar name: "New York Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group" (aka Hoagies, run by Caysey.) The other is "Hiking and Nature, " run by someone named "Admin."  LOL.    Give those a try:

---- Previously ---

For those of you looking to get out of the city, this group is for you! Our main activity will be hiking. We'll also try to squeeze in some biking, skiing and casual laziness under the sun or by a fire.

This is a totally not-for-profit, non-commercial group. We don't charge fees for our activities. If we ever do collect money it is strictly to cover the cost of group expenses, such as renting camp sites.

I, Rob, took took over as head organizer in May of 2010, although I'd been organizing hikes for the group for about 2 years prior. It was once hoped that this would be a group with many organizers, each of who would organize an event occassionally. It turns out that not many members stepped forward...I'm not sure why and presently our leadership team consists of just five of us. If you are interested in organizing an activity, let me know. Better, join me on a hike so I can get to know you and we can discuss your ideas face-to-face.