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What we’re about

GUGOOS are a laid back fun bunch of folks who like to spend time enjoying the outdoors! Join us on our adventures - hiking, kayaking, surfing, backpacking, bungee jumping, food, skydiving, sailing, white water rafting, urban hikes etc. Most events are kept small to encourage interaction, make hosting easier, and enable enhanced coordination.
The organizers are great people who want to share an adventure. Please respect them and their decisions. Keep in mind we are not tour guides or people to be talked down to. Please be prepared for the activity level and conditions as unprepared people negatively impact events and can be prevented from going.
All Adventurers welcome!
We do have a few rules -
Treat folks as you would want to be treated. Read events before you rsvp and ensure you are capable/prepared.
Always treat folks and the environment with respect. Leave no trace, don't dirty your driver's car, be kind, show up on time.
We do not advertise personal businesses and agendas nor do we sell products in this group. This group is not designed for dating matches. Please respect others and the word "no".
If you have an idea, please reach out so we can help you host. Just be sure your event follows guidelines of the park and local laws.
Remove yourself from the waitlist if you can't show on short notice and update your rsvp with advanced notice.
To join please use the name you go by and have some kind of photo to help distinguish you. One showing your face is the most helpful for others to find you and remember your name.
I look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

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