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What we’re about

This is definitely not your father’s photography club. We hike, we travel, we explore the limitations of our equipment, and we always come back smiling. We love photography and we love adventure. We are all about learning more about photography, sharing experiences, telling stories with a camera and sharing your art in a fun and active way. Come be a part of our FREE community.
Every skill level, every type of camera and every fitness level are welcome. Through the lens we will explore local and distant neighbourhoods, natural light & studio portraits, landscape and wilderness photography. We will also hold sessions on Photoshop, Lightroom, and Instagram to sharpen up your portfolio & online content.

Why Join?
-Learn how to take better pictures

-Teach others what you already know

-Enhance your portfolio

-Create better Instagram content for influencers

-Discover what all those knobs and dials on your camera actually do

-Meet people, have fun be part of a community.

What we are NOT about
-Physical endurance and stamina. All fitness levels Welcome.

-Technical jargon and photo-speak.

-Exclusivity. Everyone is Welcome.

We are part of our overarching community Visual Storytellers' Collective, which is a private online community of like-minded creative photographers and visual storytellers. Come Join us.

About Me
I have organized several Meetup groups and have hosted numerous events, and I truly believe in bringing people together with a common interest. I found Meetup at a time in my life when I most needed a community and have made lifelong friendships as a result.

I’ve been an avid photographer all my life. I bought my first 35mm camera when I was just 13 and I’ve been shooting ever since. I’ve studied photography, photojournalism, portraiture, Photoshop and Lightroom. But with all that experience, I’m still learning and always will be. I definitely don’t know everything about photography, but we can learn more together.

Is there a cost for events?
There will be a combination of Free and paid events throughout the year.

Membership dues
Voluntary and by donation only. MeetUp charges organizers about $500 US per year just to have a group. Set membership dues tends to deter membership. So, if you come out, like the group and enjoy being part of us, then a Voluntary donation of $5 to $10 per Year would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you!