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2016 Object Manipulation Sessions - expanded horizons
Happy Holidays Object Manipulators!!! In anticipation of 2016 and all the skill-honing progress it is sure to bring, we have been trying to explore alternate options for meeting times and places. So aggressively set your individual object manipulation goals and add some social resolutions as well--after all, it is fun to share your talents with others and/or learn from something more than a YouTube video (not that there is anything wrong with that either). For starters, Aerial Graffiti is planning to join forces with other manipulation groups to offer Meet-ups beyond the GMU campus. These will initially consist of Wednesday night gatherings at the Fairfax Juggling Club's Springfield, VA location (details to come); as well as combined excursions with the Fredericksburg Object Manipulation Group (for Meridian Hill Park drum circles, Shenandoah hiking trips, and semi-local fire events) as the weather improves. But we are most excited to hear the input and preferences of our membership! So please let your ideas flow and don't be shy in sharing your thoughts for ideal days, times, locations, and/or special events. Respond here, or directly to an organizer. We hope to see you at as many of our events as possible. In the meantime, happy object manipulating!!!

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