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Agile Gothenburg is a nonprofit organization that provides a community for those who are practicing, passionate about or interested in Agile approaches to management and leadership in Gothenburg, Sweden, as well as the Nordics.

The group goal is to offer insights into the manifestation of Agile behaviors and concepts (in leadership, project, program, portfolio, product, delivery, and service management) through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and lessons learned.
The format varies between workshops, open space meetings, featured talks, and group creativity techniques.

The knowledge is managed and disseminated through probably the most powerful nonprofit media platform in the Nordics.

No previous experience in Agile frameworks and techniques is required, and the events are free and open to all participants!

Organization number: 802517-6309
Email: info@agilegothenburg.org
Homepage: http://agilegothenburg.org
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Donation: https://www.paypal.me/agilegothenburg

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Keywords: Agile, Leadership, Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, Product Management, Delivery Management, Service Management, Human Resources, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, DevOps, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Nexus, DAD, SAFe, XP

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Nurturing DevOps Culture to Underpin a Successful Transformation

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Date and time
November 3, 2022, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Agile Gothenburg

Sukhbir Jasuja

To be decided

Meetup Overview and Benefits
“DevOps transformation is largely about talent, not technology”

The “human” factor is probably the most complex dimension while creating successful transformations in operating models within large organizations. Given the significant changes in how to organize, how to behave, how to engage, and the nature of work that DevOps transformations bring, the muscle memory having worked for years and decades in a certain format often gets in the way of successful transformations.

DASA is a professional industry body that does research and brings together the experiences of leaders, coaches, and practitioners involved in such transformations to develop guidance and good practices, as well as talent solutions to help organizations prepare, plan and execute their transformation initiatives successfully. While technology and process dimensions are equally important to get right in such transformation initiatives, creating the right environment and right enablers for leaders and employees to support the flow of work from functional silos to an orchestrated team of teams has repeatedly proven to be the most critical enabler.

In this session, Sukhbir will highlight the key challenges organizations need to manage, starting from a new style of leadership development and enablement, to making high-performance teams work, and creating and nurturing a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing that helps you create long-term successes for your business outcomes while increasing employee engagement and retention. We will share some concrete recommendations and templates that have helped other organizations pursue such large-scale changes to their software development and delivery processes.

5:00 PM Welcome and networking
5:05 PM Presentation
6:05 PM Break
6:15 PM Discourse and Q&A in the main session
6:30 PM Close

Speaker Bio
Sukhbir Jasuja is a “techpreneur”, with a track record of creating several technology scale-ups over the past 2 decades. His passion lies in creating innovative technology-enabled solutions by bringing together like-minded professionals and building high-performance teams. He currently acts as the Chair of DevOps & Agile Skills Association (DASA), nurturing DASA as the leading industry body in DevOps and Agile fields, to help organizations navigate the complexities in creating successful transformations.

Intended Audience
Line managers, human resources professionals, Agile coaches, team leaders.

This is not a webinar! This is a virtual meetup on Zoom. You will be engaging in a live conversation with people. You can start your camera, speak, and chat with others throughout the meeting. Please help yourself and others by ensuring that you:

  • Have a stable broadband internet connection
  • Call from a quiet place
  • Use a headset
  • Mute yourself if you are not speaking

Continuing Education
This meetup is held by a Scrum Alliance user group. Participating in the meetup or watching its video recording enables you to claim one Scrum Education Unit (SEU) per hour of participation or watching. Please see https://www.scrumalliance.org/get-certified/scrum-education-units for more information.

Joining the Meetup
Check the event page on Agile Gothenburg website for information on joining the meetup using Zoom, phone, or Skype for Business.

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Flow; Finally Defined, Characterized, and Measured

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