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What we’re about

Meet people from around the world interested in working in distributed teams, Agile, Scrum, and Lean project management.

We don't just talk about distributed agile.  We do it.


Live online events such as guest speakers, conferences, open spaces, chapter reviews, or games.

We talk about Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, Scaled Agile, Requirements Analysis, Agile Testing, Teamwork and Distributed Teams.


Everyone from around the world with an internet connection (mostly Eastern US to Western Australia due to the timezone). Classes are in English in a mix of voice and text chat. Although it looks like we are based in Seattle we are actually global. We welcome testers, developers, project managers, business analysts, managers, specialists, coaches, and also folks outside the software industry. We serve multiple learning modes including observation, discussion, hands on, and teaching.


Online (usually in Sococo).  We have had folks from Seattle to Orlando to Amsterdam to Kazakhstan to Perth.

What do I need?

We will meet live using online tools - usually Sococo.  This requires a couple things- 

• A reliable internet connection - 2 MBPs per second or better (1 limps, 5+ preferred)

 the Chrome browser (for running Sococo)

 Earbuds or a headset (to prevent feedback sounds to others)

• One thing you don't need is much money.  Many events are free, and the rest are inexpensive.


We test techniques and gather data for Bill's graduate degree.  That's why our events are free, or at a hefty discount.

See ya online!
AgileBill Krebs, ICE-AC, SPC 


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