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We connect people and foster professional growth through events designed to demonstrate how agile drives innovation and delivers value.

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Remote agile: How to be effective when separated from hugs & LEGOs - Jim Benson

Now, more than ever, we need to figure out how to have effective meetings, make rapid shared decisions, and understand what our teammates are doing. This is an excellent opportunity to really ask "What information do we need, when do we need it, and how can we ensure quality work?" We require our own systems. No more relying on other people's ideas or things that sorta worked somewhere else. We need to build systems that work for the professionals gathered, make room for their personal realities, and focus on producing work we can be professionally satisfied with. We need to collaborate. We need to understand. We need to ship. Genuine certified Nebraskan product Jim Benson will discuss setting up collaborative systems for the United Nations, Comcast, Spotify, Turner Construction, and more. He'll provide specific examples of how to run an on-line meeting that doesn't suck your time and your soul. And he will talk directly about how to build your own process and end the co-dependence on boxed / canned / pre-processed solutions and the endless consultant zombies that come with them. Jim's great-great-grandparents were homesteaders in Silver Creek, had the sod house and the whole bit. His great-grandmother was responsible for Nebraska getting electricity. He even spent some time living on New Hampshire street in Lincoln and crossing the train tracks to get to classes at UNL. He's won Shingo, Brickel Key, and other awards. He is filled to overflowing with Nebraska practicality, impatience, and sarcasm. So...show up and have a conversation.

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