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We connect people and foster professional growth through events designed to demonstrate how agile drives innovation and delivers value.
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Agile Foundations Workshop at Nebraska.Code()

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Registration coming soon on https://nebraskacode.amegala.com/


Everyone is doing Agile these days:
IT and business teams alike are told to implement standups and plan using sprints. Executives proclaim the benefits of Agile processes, without really understanding what it means to be agile. Poorly understood agile implementations lead many to view agile as just another failed work process with silly rituals and gimmicky names.

During the workshop, we will demonstrate several agile techniques, explain when to use them (and when not to), and discuss the foundational agile principals behind each one. Every team uses standup meetings, right? What if none of you is in the same time zone…or hemisphere? You will learn how to use familiar agile activities, but also why to use them and what alternatives fit better in different situations.

Common agile topics we will cover during the session: * Sprints/Iterations * Standups * Backlogs * Retrospectives * Metrics * Self Organizing Teams * Kanban * Scrum

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Liberating Structures – Facilitation Turned Up to 11!

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