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What we’re about

dojo ( 道場 dōjō ) is a Japanese term which literally means the place of the way.

Agile Dojo literally translated means the place of the agile way.

The way refers to the principle that makes the art possible, the underlying order of the universe that an artist harnesses to achieve excellence.

Thus the dojo is the place where this way is cultivated. It is not a place where a skill is taught as much as it is a place where a different mindset and way of interacting are developed.

Agile Dojo Szczecin is a regional hub for all agile enthusiasts, active agile practitioners and young grasshoppers on the agile path.

As a member you'll have the opportunity to plug into agile experts, share your knowledge and experience, participate in bring your own problem sessions (BYOP) and charge your batteries with a lot of energy and ideas!

We want to maximize the interactions between participants through workshop mode, gamification, simulations and experience based lightning talks followed by timeboxed discussion panels. 

Having fun and networking is also part of the program! 

Come join us!