Turning Vision into Value using Impact Mapping to groom your Portfolio

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Our products and initiatives do not work in a vacuum. They have an interdependent, dynamic relationship with people, other projects, the organization and the wider community around them. Yet most planning methods either expect the world to stand still while we deliver (Waterfall) or that we give up on creating any kind of long-term big-picture view (Agile), leaving a huge communication gap between business sponsors and delivery teams. Impact maps visualize the dynamic relationship between delivery plans and the world around them, capturing the most important assumptions as well as delivery scope. They help us adapt plans effectively and react to change, while still providing a good road map for delivery teams and a big-picture view for business sponsors.

The workshop will be led by Dennis van der Spoel. Dennis is an entrepreneur, trainer and coach. He is passionate about leadership and consulting in innovative environments with elevated levels of uncertainty where continuous change is key to strategic success. He uses idea synthesis, rapid learning, adaptability, and his interpersonal skills to coach senior managers to double the throughput of their company, so they can make more impact and change the world for the better. He also helps individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive in times of extreme uncertainty, so that they can grow and be successful.