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We zijn een onafhankelijke organisatie van en voor Agile beoefenaars in Nederland. Het is onze missie om het toepassen van Agile principes en praktijken te promoten. Deze website is een van de middelen om dat te bereiken.

We are an independent organization of, and for Agile practitioners in the Netherlands. It is our mission to apply Agile principles and promote practices. This website is one of the means to achieve that.

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Turning Vision into Value using Impact Mapping to groom your Portfolio

Our products and initiatives do not work in a vacuum. They have an interdependent, dynamic relationship with people, other projects, the organization and the wider community around them. Yet most planning methods either expect the world to stand still while we deliver (Waterfall) or that we give up on creating any kind of long-term big-picture view (Agile), leaving a huge communication gap between business sponsors and delivery teams. Impact maps visualize the dynamic relationship between delivery plans and the world around them, capturing the most important assumptions as well as delivery scope. They help us adapt plans effectively and react to change, while still providing a good road map for delivery teams and a big-picture view for business sponsors. The workshop will be led by Dennis van der Spoel. Dennis is an entrepreneur, trainer and coach. He is passionate about leadership and consulting in innovative environments with elevated levels of uncertainty where continuous change is key to strategic success. He uses idea synthesis, rapid learning, adaptability, and his interpersonal skills to coach senior managers to double the throughput of their company, so they can make more impact and change the world for the better. He also helps individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive in times of extreme uncertainty, so that they can grow and be successful.

International Day of Happiness Workshop 'How to Scrum happiness at work'

Special workshop on the International Day of Happiness! We ask a donation to donate to the charity peacetreesvietnam.org Please register double, once here in this meetup, so we can see who joins and once through: https://scrumjewerkgeluk.eventbrite.com for you donation to charity. Some of the materials used in this workshop will be in Dutch. Self-organizing teams working happily is a happening now. Look at Zappos (a shoe company delivering happiness), Hutten (Dutch catering won several awards) or Riksja Travel (award winning travel agency). How to implement happiness at work? How to influence happiness in a team as an agile coach or scrum master? Good news is that we actively influence happiness at work. Skills for happiness can be trained. You are going to discover: - What are user stories for happiness at work? - What is the epic? - Which product backlog items are already used and can we choose or innovate? - How to support teamflow and happiness in teams as an agile coach / scrum master? You will leave with an overview of 25 skills for happiness, 10 user stories and 30 product backlog items. The workshop will be led by Veronique Kilian. She is director of K-T Dynamics. Author of 2 books: Team coaching with Authentic Dialogue and Happiness at Work? Train your skills4happiness; 25 skills to Feel-Fly-Flourish. Veronique facilitates teams to work agile with Semco Style principles. https://www.linkedin.com/in/veroniquekilian; www.trainjgelukscompetenties.nl or www.k-tdynamics.nl

Agile Coffee Amsterdam

Infi Amsterdam

Wij organiseren een Agile Coffee om laagdrempelig te sparren of te overleggen over alles wat met Agile en Agile werken te maken heeft. We maken bij de start van de bijeenkomst een inventarisatie van de onderwerpen die we willen bespreken. Eenieder die een rol in een Agile proces heeft, een onderwerp wil bespreken en/of interesse heeft om mee te praten is van harte welkom! Wel houden we de groep klein zodat iedereen ruimschoots gelegenheid krijgt om mee te discussiëren. We beginnen om 15:00 met koffie en thee, en na afloop staat ook de borrel klaar. Note: This Agile Coffee will be in Dutch. We'll organize an English Agile Coffee soon!

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