How to scrum happiness at work in self-organizing teams.

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How to scrum Happiness at work? How to do it with self-organizing teams? That is something I would like to explore. I work with a diverse range of team coaching tools. And I coach individuals and teams to enhance happiness at work. I would like to share and discover the secret of a happy agile working team that self organizes and the role of Semco Style principles, inspired by Ricardo Semler. Semco Style has five pivotal principles that provides a framework for companies facing the challenges of working together:
- how to build Trust
- how to Lower Control
- how to enhance Self Management
- how to create Extreme Stakeholder Alignment
- how to stimulate Creative Innovation
Happiness at work needs process facilitation to reach the results we envision. I invite you to co-create with me to enhance happiness at work with agile team coaching.

Speaker is Veronique Kilian. She is director of K-T Dynamics. In her book Skills for Happiness at Work, she explains how to train your personal happiness skills and how to work with the Feel-Fly-Flourish model to give your company a business happiness boost. She facilitates teams to work agile with Semco Style principles at or