Emergent Software Architecture & the future of Agile Architecture


Emergent Software Architecture:

This first presentation introduces the participants to the idea of thinking in terms of emergent software architecture, the benefits, what that involves. Subtopics:
- Fitness for Purpose
- Architecture & Business Value Relation
- Problem with Big Design Up Front (BDUF)
- Software Architecture to Emerge
- Slicing vs Layering
- Minimal Documentation
- Explore More
- Q&A
The first speaker is İlkay Polat, he is an Agile Software Development Coach and Trainer.

With a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and several years of experience on software development, project management, program management, portfolio management and agile coaching, he has the experience, skills, and knowledge to help organizations and teams succeed in their journeys.
He has coached many agile teams and organizations to deliver high quality software by embracing Agile and DevOps approaches. He is active in the communities (e.g. 5th Value, Liberating Structures İstanbul, and Agile Society Turkey) in Turkey and continuously evolves his approach to coaching, participating at meet-ups with other change agents.
Specialities: Agile, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, DevOps, Nexus and Liberating Structures

The future of agile architecture:
In complex problem solving, YOU don’t know best – WE the people in a team and in an organisation as a whole know best – Cynefin at large. The best architectures do emerge from self-organising teams.
This may or may not have huge implications on the role architecture and architects play on several levels in your organisation.
In this session we will figure out together, interactively, what the future might look like for architects and architecture in this world of ever-growing complexity, in which probe-sense-respond - with emerging solutions - is the most sensible tactics of problem solving. We will be using a string of liberating structures, including myth turning as a structure to challenge your deep beliefs on architecture and architects, to make sure we all participate in designing the possible future of agile architecture!
If you are wondering what, if anything, architecture in agile context has to do with you, or if you are wondering if architecture has any future at all: this session is for you!

The second speaker is Maryse Meinen (Practical Agile NL).
Maryse is a mindful scrum master and an agile coach for both teams and managers. She is a rebel at work and convinced that we really can nor should separate decision-making from hands-on work. She does everything in her power to make sure people actually doing the work get involved in the decision making in their organisation. Liberating Structures is one of the possibilities for making this happen.